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SUBJECT: "Jim Hall & Pat Metheny" remastered? Back to Subjects
Jul 23 2019
at 3:49 PM
Is the 2011 Nonesuch edition of "Jim Hall & Pat Metheny" remastered, or the same sonics as the original 1999 edition of the CD?
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Dec 09 2019
at 6:23 PM
Bookmark and Share har har hardee har har (a la Ralphie Boy)
Dec 09 2019
at 3:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Why should two masters ever be remastered?
Jul 28 2019
at 2:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for checking on it, frank. Like you, what I’ve found so far is that the record has been reissued (2 different CD covers attest to that), but probably not remastered. Discogs seems to confirm that as well. Some of Pat’s other remastered records sound so much better that I was hoping this one had met the same fate. Maybe in the future....
Jul 25 2019
at 10:26 AM
Bookmark and Share the Nonsuch site itself doesn’t say it was a remaster, just a reissue. It does say if you order from the Nonsuch store, you get a high-quality, 320 kbps MP3 of the album at checkout.
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