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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny Side-Eye - September 12 and 13 (Sony Hall - NYC) Back to Subjects
Sep 14 2019
at 4:54 PM
I was lucky to have the privilege of attending two of the three nights at Sony Hall in New York City, (both my tables were on the first row against the stage). I would like to point out that these two shows were different. On the first night, Pat mentioned that they were a little nervous, (jokingly it seems), because they were being filmed, (as he stated, "not by 1080p, not by UHD, not by 4K, but they are filming in 8K... he said that’s a lot of Ks) . Metheny started the show by playing separate duets to introduce the young talents, Marcus Gilmore and James Francies. (I want to know where he finds these musicians). They are both absolutely amazing. They played some old songs in different formats, and the new songs were jaw-dropping. One of the songs was a very slow-tempo bluesy rock that was off the charts. I could never have enough of that. On the second night, there were no duets. (Still being filmed). They seem to have played more new songs. This will be an album that you are going to want to buy, (for sure). Pat played a beautiful solo acoustic ballad that I’ve never heard before, (am pretty sure this is new), prior to doing a classic medley. Both nights lasted for 2 hours and 45 minutes. If Side-Eye is within your proximity, life is short - buy that damn ticket. Cheers.
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facing west
Nov 16 2019
at 10:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Wow -- this really gets my attention and curiosity. Is there a video in the works? How might it get released? What would be a good 21st century platform for releasing it? Also, thinking about how Pat might support the new record tour-wise, when he’s kind of already ’moved on’ with the Side Eye project. Interesting. BTW, Sony Hall looks like an amazing venue. I had good fortune to see the Metheny Trio at Yoshi’s in San Francisco some years ago. Seeing him up close in that kind of five star venue is astounding.
Sep 16 2019
at 7:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Thx for this, making me curious! Another 8 months for us...
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