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Sep 19 2019
at 12:16 AM
Hey all! I was thrilled to see that Pat will be playing in Italy in November, right when I plan to be there on my first ever visit! Unfortunately the concerts that will correspond to my travel will be on the island of Sardinia, which on doing some research is MUCH farther from Rome or Florence than I’d first thought. I would have to break away from the tour for an entire day to see him on this small island. Has anyone ever been to Sardinia or travelled to a remote area to see PM? I would love to see him while on vacation and in such an exotic venue. But the planning seems too difficult.
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Dec 07 2019
at 4:27 PM
Bookmark and Share You can take a boat from Civitavecchia to Cagliari. It takes about six hours. Good luck with your travels.
Sep 22 2019
at 12:43 AM
Bookmark and Share I would love to have a flying carpet to Pat’s concerts around the world !! But why not Sardinia and Sicily ? He’s everywhere else, even Perth, Australia, the most remote major city in the world. After seeing his equipment busses at several concerts, im curious how they get all their gear from place to place in 24-48 hrs. Anyways, personally don’t love air travel, but the memories of all those places I did travel are totally worth it. Now, I’ll just play Imaginary Day and imagine Pat’s travels ...
Sep 20 2019
at 8:26 AM
Bookmark and Share I know from reading that Sardinia is a blue zone with a high population of people over 100 due to the meditaranean(sp?) diet and lifestyle. Add Pat’s music and you should have a winning combination.
Sep 19 2019
at 9:20 PM
Bookmark and Share What would be really cool is if Paolo Fresu made a surprise appearance for a few numbers. I’ve been wishing that Pat would play with Paolo for years. That would make a trip to Sardinia very worthwhile. The most remote area I’ve traveled to to see Pat is Red Rocks--or Little Rock, depending on which one you think is more remote or "exotic." I say go for it, Legal; but then I’m always open to see Pat, whenever and wherever I can.
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