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Oct 24 2019
at 6:40 AM
I have been a lover of PM’s music since I first heard him with the Gary Burton group back in the 70’s when I first heard the Gary Burton album with Eberhard Weber Ring. I think that I have bought every album that he has released. However, the Unity Group has forced me to consider that PM’s tone has become a little too dark and resonant. The has made the Unity Group quite difficult listening for me, at least when the guitar is soloing. I wonder if I am alone in thinking this. Don’t get me wrong the playing on the Unity Band albums is as good as ever.
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Nov 23 2019
at 7:26 AM
Bookmark and Share I have the PM 100 and you are right that rolling off the tome does make the sound darker. However I have been really enjoying the new video for America Undefined and am really looking forward to this release. I am wondering if my impressions of Pat’s tone was informed by the contrast to Chris Potter’s sax tonality. As I have said I am a great Metheny fan and this new track is great.
Nov 07 2019
at 7:39 AM
Bookmark and Share frank, synesthesia is the term you might be looking for, and its sub-category chromesthesia. Joni uses it a lot, poet/musician/painter/genius that she is. Since she doesn’t read music, she’ll say to session players: "Throw a little yellow in there. More red, more red!" and various permutations. I’ve read that Van Gogh was "likely a synesthete" as well.
Nov 05 2019
at 5:30 PM
Bookmark and Share To me it just sounds more natural these days, less sound processing involved. I own an Ibanez PM2 and if you roll the tone pot down to virtually zero, no effects, just straight into an amp (Roland JC-40) with flat settings, it sounds like Pat!! A pity I can’t play like him!!
Nov 05 2019
at 1:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, I think on some tracks, what you hear is some distortion. And when I saw Unity Group live, the distortion was greater than the album. Couple that with him using the Roland often, and he definitely has changed much from the warm crystal like "Letter From Home" days. I haven’t heard the quartet, so I am curious as to what the Salaman sounds like. His older Gibson recordings had more presence that the shift to Ibanez. You heard more of the wood of the guitar, which I like better personally.
Nov 05 2019
at 10:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Unity Band is one of my favorite Pat incarnations. Maybe because I am a big Chris Potter fan also. I think Pat played in sync with Chris a lot as both of them play a number of different instruments. What does the term darker refer to anyway? how does one relate color to sound?
Nov 04 2019
at 9:43 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve got a friend who’s a guitar nut, total Pat fan, and owns all the albums and has attended probably 50 shows over the years (many with me). He has commented to me that Pat’s tone has gotten darker. He never said anything about resonance, nor the quality of the sound - just that it’s nature has evolved. He knows what he’s talking about (even if I don’t) and so I take it to be the truth (that will always be)!
Oct 28 2019
at 11:28 AM
Bookmark and Share not with you here at all
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