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Oct 27 2019
at 7:16 AM
Dear Pat and all forum members this is the first time i am writing here but i’ve been checking this site since 2001. I will try to keep this short and to the point. Like many of you my love for Pat’s music is very difficult to be described with words and i do too have an enorme part of his discography(almost complete but it seems that always comes a little collaboration that was hard to be acquired in a physical format) starting with the Paul Bley record and Gary Burton’s `Ring` and reaching to `Kin` and everything in between from `Song X` to Leila’s Pinheiro  `olho nu` and `Orchestrion`, records under Pat’s name and varius collaborations. I also have any official dvd where Pat can be found plus i’ve been to almost 15concerts that he gave to europe for various tours starting 2002(speaking of now) plus that i already have tickets for the side eye gig in coming may. Now what i really miss and wish to have is a great box set of Pat’s with live dvd’s from the 70’s and 80’s. I in no way want to start a topic of if these where the best years of Pat’s music - as i already mentioned i also have everything he has produced after the 90’s and till today and still am going to his concerts and happily always leaving from them and feeling that this was the best one i have yet seen from him but what i mean is that although from the 90’s and on there is a good documentation of every new album plus a dvd we don’t have that for the prior to the 90’s years (official material- no bootlegs) Yes there are videos in youtube but i will rather pay and purchase a box set with live footage, interviews and fotos from let’s say(of course if in existence):   1)Gary Burton 5tet-4tet   2)Pat - Jaco - Moses   3)4tet with Egan - Gottlieb   4)80-81 tour   5)Offramp tour   6)First Circle tour   7)Song X tour   8)Still life tour   9)Steve reich colloboration 10)Letter from home tour and i am sure that there are thousands of fans all over the globe that will purchase such a box set in a heartbeat so come on people let’s scream for it a little louder and please Pat make it happen!!! It has been a great ride to read all off you people here for so long even if i mostly stay in the silence and it has definitely been an amazing life living in a time where Pat is around.
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Nov 10 2019
at 4:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi MarcNebo, thank you for your reply!I do have the Joni dvd and i know that there are not existing official Pat’s dvd’s prior to the 90’s but what i wish and hope is that if Pat and his management have footage from the tours i have already mentioned in my original post it will be an amazing offering to work towards a boxset for all us fans!Still keeping fingers crossed!
Nov 09 2019
at 12:23 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t think you will find any DVDs of Pat’s earlier stuff. Only one I can think of is Joni Mitchell with Pat, Jaco, Lyle Mays, Michael Brecker and Don Alias. You may find some VHS taped shows. Will not find DVD box stes.
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