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St P
Nov 14 2019
at 5:43 PM
I can’t believe I’m 62, I can’t believe Pat is 65, I can’t believe the AG is at least 20 years old and has evolved alongside the evolution of internet etiquette. I can’t believe some of the crap I used to write on here but I learnt far more from this internet community and it deepened my appreciation of music. I hardly ever read this and it’s years since I posted. It’s a long gap since Pat put any new music out. In a way that gap has been good it has made us all hungry. Very. And then the email came today and the long written piece by Pat is just so damned inspirational. His articulacy in framing what he wants to say is devastating. His values as a musician , artist , American and human are so noble. He has laid down how much the new music means to him from a personal ,technical and emotional perspective. The sample track sounds like this album will be a joyous voyage of discovery. I just love his stories of Ron Carter ( is there another release there ?!) and how the Miles Quintet methodology informs the approach of this new music. His line about November 8 2016 is so so welcome. Rightly naming that date as one of infamy alongside 9/11 and Pearl Harbour. I was living in America at the time waiting the birth one week later of my son. I cannot wait to hear what Meshell sings on that song. How long did we Dream of the Return. Pat, I already feel that Better Days are Ahead. Your renaissance has never been more welcome and needed.
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Dec 09 2019
at 1:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Check out the title track on Jonatha Brooke’s latest EP "Imposter." Nice little portrait of you-know-who.
Dec 03 2019
at 4:38 PM
Bookmark and Share St. P, You brought up an interesting point. I cant think of one redeeming quality of this President either. I’m trying to be fair here. I cant think of anything positive at all that he brings to the presidency. That is a sad state of affairs, as I can think of redeeming qualities of every president that I have read about. But Donald J. Trump? Not one. (Can anyone think of one?) Pat Metheny is correct. This is really more of a stain on the country than Trump himself. Enough people voted for him to get in, and that is what is really embarrassing.
Dec 02 2019
at 8:23 PM
Bookmark and Share St P "This is primarily a music site so let’s keep it that way - ... " I agree. About 15 years ago the Garage became over run by politics and got real nasty. Please not again. Music is a welcome all important thing for me as well as for many others. I guess if it goes that way i can always change the channel or in this case read something else. Cheers
Dec 02 2019
at 9:49 AM
Bookmark and Share St P, I agree. But I do take issue with Make Pat Great Again. Again? AGAIN?! He’s always been great. Insert smiley face emoticon here. Best regards
St P
Nov 30 2019
at 1:39 PM
Bookmark and Share D’heat, peace, looks like we share more than we disagree. I just listened yet again to this one magnificent piece of music. It is so stirring that it can inspire anyone to rise above the kindergarten politics... This is primarily a music site so let’s keep it that way - but societal developments as often as not inspire great art. Maybe that’s Trumps legacy - inspiring more greatness from one of the greatest living Americans. Make Pat Great Again caps coming in the store soon ?!
Nov 29 2019
at 6:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey now, don’t go insulting my main man, DJT. He is, after all, "the chosen one," an "extremely stable genius," and his "two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart." Just ask him.
Nov 29 2019
at 1:40 PM
Bookmark and Share St P, I won’t argue with Pat, because he didn’t "rightly name" Trump’s election with the infamy of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I won’t argue with your analysis of the Republicans either. In fact, I’ll accept and expand your analysis to include the Democrats because nothing could live off the resulting difference between an administration of either party. I simply take issue with a verklempt conflation of a person (vile or otherwise) who at the time had accomplished nothing good, bad or indifferent politically; with the deadly political consequences of Pearl Harbor and 9/11--deadly in human life as well as liberty.
Nov 29 2019
at 11:50 AM
Bookmark and Share St P, I couldn’t have said it better. Bravo!
St P
Nov 27 2019
at 2:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Electing a crooked traitor who is a despicable human being in every respect, who shows contempt for disabled people, women, anyone with a different creed or skin colour, a serial liar, anybody on here will know that the rich asshole has not one redeeming quality.Not one. The US is supposed to be the free worlds leader. If it has a head of state like this, then what does it say about America? It is by a long way the worst thing that has ever happened to the USA. Look at the impeachment hearings. The objective conclusion from an outsider like me is that the Republican Party are morons and criminals. It’s that simple. Don’t argue with me, argue with Pat.
Nov 25 2019
at 4:02 PM
Bookmark and Share St P, "Rightly naming [November 8 2016] as one of infamy alongside 9/11 and Pearl Harbour." I’m not a Trump fan. I didn’t vote for him. But you have got to be kidding.
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