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facing west
Nov 15 2019
at 1:50 PM
I’m as thrilled as anyone that PM’s new record is coming out in February 2020. But while I’m waiting, I’m totally knocked out by the UK jazz scene. Have to admit, Spotify changed my life--by enabling me to check out guys like Matthew Halsall. Everything Matthew does just blows me away. In addition to being a great writer and player, he’s a producer and DJ. And, oh yeah, he started his own record label. Richard Spaven is another favorite. A great drummer, writer and producer. It seems that these guys are really influenced, in a good way, by hip hop production values. Any other UK faves? (And yeah, I also love Gwilym Simcock!)
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Jan 08 2020
at 6:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Last summer I caught the support band at Ronnie Scotts in London while waiting for Mike Stern’s gig. They played Chorinho by Lyle Mays, an amazingly tough track and did such a great job. It was the Laurence Cottle Band with Laurence on bass, Paul Stacey on guitar, and a great drummer and sax player. So many great players in the UK, not just the new lot but the old lot too.
facing west
Jan 02 2020
at 11:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Also highly recommend guitarist Stuart McCallum (probably best known for playing with Cinematic Orchestra). A review of one of his solo records (Distilled Live) described him this way: "Emerging from the interzone inhabited by post-Pat Metheny guitar jazz, electronica, minimalism and ambient, Manchester guitarist Stuart McCallum’s music combines the lush, the layered and the looped with real-time emotional engagement and vigor."
facing west
Dec 20 2019
at 6:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Alan. Lydian Collective sounds amazing. Some of the most ’up’ music I’ve heard for a while. The drummer kills. That gig with the Capital Orchestra must have been incredible (saw the 30 second promo on YouTube). You in the UK are blessed with brilliant live music.
Dec 19 2019
at 12:37 PM
Bookmark and Share facing west - you might want to check out Lydian Collective; saw them 5 times this year, including once with the Capital Orchestra at Cadogan Hall. Fantastic stuff with influences including Pat, Snarky Puppy, Chick, Herbie, etc. Loads of videos on YouTube.
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