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facing west
Nov 16 2019
at 10:51 AM
Many AG’ers may be familiar with Rick Beato--a brilliant producer / player who has over one million followers on his YouTube channel. He covers Pat’s early music in a couple of episodes. The first one is here: Lots of great content on Rick’s channel. Does a great episode breaking down Steely Dan’s Kid Charlemagne here:
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facing west
Feb 26 2023
at 3:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Rick’s latest interview is with the great Keith Jarrett. Worth it for the intro alone. Great to see Keith doing so well, and even doing a little playing. Jarrett’s body of work is so monumental it’s hard to comprehend.
Oct 17 2022
at 10:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Yo, yossarian : Great idea on another interview with Pat. Have you listened to Pat’s Orchestrion Podcast at this website? Very good podcast that explains a lot about that project. I caught the tour in Chicago and it was mind- blowing. Pat looked a mad scientist in front of his creation. I look forward to Pat writing an autobiography, but I don’t expect it to be anytime soon. Maybe when he finally retires from touring after his tour sponsored by AARP around 2044. For now I will pre-order the book, probably will be a trilogy (1954-1983, 1984-2013 and 2014-2044). I read somewhere he has kept extensive notes on his shows for many years.
Oct 11 2022
at 7:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Much as I love the interview and enjoy Beato’s style, there was so much more to be said despite it being a good long watch! I would love to have heard Pat describe more about life on the road with PMG, the creation of the later albums (was The Way Up even mentioned?!) and how the Orchestrion tour panned out - that must be some story. The analysis of James was very revealing about Pat’s clear sighted approach. Talk about deceptively simple. It’s amazing. So I’m proposing a round 2, Rick, Pat, if you’re listening. And another idea... Rick did a brilliant video about an outrageous Oscar Peterson performance at Ronnie Scotts (I think he called it ’The best solo ever’ or something - and it is utter genius). But I reckon, as he’s such a Lyle fan too he should also check out and film an appreciation of Lyle’s live performance of Chorinho on the Ludwigsberg Concert record. It is truly remarkable - every time I listen I’m astonished at the sheer stamina, imagination, flow of ideas, and rhythmic command.
facing west
Sep 27 2022
at 1:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Interesting that over the course of a year Rick’s great interview with Pat has reached 1.9 million views. What a great way for people to get an in-depth look at Pat’s creative process.
Nov 16 2021
at 8:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Last night it made it to 1,000,000. Not surprised as it’s Pat.
Nov 15 2021
at 11:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Another wonderful, moving tribute by Rick Beato.
Nov 15 2021
at 1:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I just checked, as of 11/15/2021 12:00PM (CST) the count was 997,020. Anyone want to guess when it will hit a !,000,000?
Nov 12 2021
at 8:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Don’t miss Rick’s new video breaking down September 15th.
facing west
Sep 23 2021
at 5:08 PM
Bookmark and Share There are already (in September ’21) over 800,00 views of Rick’s interview with Pat. Will it go over one million? I try to listen to every Pat interview available, and this is one of the best. Rick is really up for it--you can see it’s a milestone life event for him. My sense is that Pat also appreciates Rick’s depth of musical knowledge, so it’s not a run-of-the- mill conversation for him, either. He’s willing to go deep. I laughed out loud when Pat talked about Jaco. I can just see he and Jaco and Bob Moses getting into it with their strong musical opinions. That’s what made them great. Don’t miss this one--it’s a joy.
Aug 29 2021
at 4:57 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree with all the Posts, excellent interview. Pat is a great combination of being intelligent, humble and having a great personality. I appreciated his comments about the "the drummer is the leader of the band" and the comments regarding Charlie Haden and Jaco Pastorius. Most of the technical information regarding his playing and compositions went over my head. If you haven’t read Pat’s book The Pat Metheny Interviews : The Inner Workings Of His Creativity Revealed (2009) by Richard Niles is a great read and another great look at Pat. It may still be available at the Pat Metheny Store.
Aug 25 2021
at 12:15 PM
Bookmark and Share I agree- great interview! So relaxed, informal and so informative. I loved the stuff about Jaco and Pat’s compulsive nature. I guess you don’t become one of the greatest without some OCD behaviors. The man is so intense.
Aug 23 2021
at 11:04 PM
Bookmark and Share d’Heat : I can relate personal story regarding post concert ritual. I was at the Detroit Jazz Festival the year Pat was Artist -In-Residence which meant he played Friday through Monday with different bands. The last night Pat was doing the Eberhard Weber Tribute with Gary Burton, Danny Gottlieb and others performing with the Detroit Jazz Festival Orchestra. After the tribute Pat was going to play solo with the DJFO. I had a VIP Pass for the entire festival which entitled me to a special seating section. I also was able to get other benefits, one was access behind the stage. I knew that there would be no encores, so when I knew the show had ended I went behind the stage. Pat came off the stage and went into a dining room and when he came out his plate was piled high with food.
Aug 23 2021
at 8:27 AM
Bookmark and Share aloc, I agree, great interview. I enjoyed it more than any in memory. Pat’s discussion about his pre- and post-gig practices really impressed me. First, since he believes he plays better hungry, he doesn’t eat anything all day until after the gig. All. Day. Second, he takes several pages of notes after each gig. Rick said that sounded either a bit obsessive or compulsive (I don’t remember which). Pat shared Steve Rodby calls him either obsessively or compulsively productive (I don’t remember which).
Aug 22 2021
at 8:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Indeed the interview with Rick was really great! Lots of interesting stuff about Jaco and the "Rejoicing Trio" and the bit about melody was particularly good. It would’ve been nice to get to stuff beyond the 80’s, though. Also would’ve loved to hear more about Song X, Pat brought it up a couple of times and seemed eager to discuss it, but Rick didn’t follow on that. But I can’t really blame Rick for focusing on some stuff at the expense of other topics - us Pat-fans all have our personal favorites in his vast body of work. And what we got from the interview was indeed very good, so can’t complain too much!
Aug 20 2021
at 12:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Rick’s interview with Pat dropped yesterday on YouTube.
Nov 23 2019
at 1:09 AM
Bookmark and Share Love Rick Beato’s’ videos. In fact I watched that Kid Charlemagne solo video about a year ago. A couple of times! The cat (Rick) can really play! And he broke it down in steps (not that I could ever attempt even a try!). Larry Carlton apparently did that as a one-off--not pre-written. That’s years of playing and then being in the zone like nothing else. I don’t think I ever saw anyone do what Rick does with so many other songs, styles and solos the way he breaks it all down. I also remember him doing one on Boston’s "Hitch a Ride" --just the acoustic playing was mesmerizing. The thing is he breaks stuff down to the nuts and bolts and you come away blown away at the musical minds that have created them. I remember one of his Pat solos that he broke down to show Pat’s bebop roots was really mind-opening.
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