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SUBJECT: Rick Beato on Pat Metheny & Steely Dan Back to Subjects
facing west
Nov 16 2019
at 10:51 AM
Many AG’ers may be familiar with Rick Beato--a brilliant producer / player who has over one million followers on his YouTube channel. He covers Pat’s early music in a couple of episodes. The first one is here: Lots of great content on Rick’s channel. Does a great episode breaking down Steely Dan’s Kid Charlemagne here:
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From: Message:
Nov 23 2019
at 1:09 AM
Bookmark and Share Love Rick Beato’s’ videos. In fact I watched that Kid Charlemagne solo video about a year ago. A couple of times! The cat (Rick) can really play! And he broke it down in steps (not that I could ever attempt even a try!). Larry Carlton apparently did that as a one-off--not pre-written. That’s years of playing and then being in the zone like nothing else. I don’t think I ever saw anyone do what Rick does with so many other songs, styles and solos the way he breaks it all down. I also remember him doing one on Boston’s "Hitch a Ride" --just the acoustic playing was mesmerizing. The thing is he breaks stuff down to the nuts and bolts and you come away blown away at the musical minds that have created them. I remember one of his Pat solos that he broke down to show Pat’s bebop roots was really mind-opening.
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