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Feb 11 2020
at 6:57 AM
Many musical talents will be born with a gift. In my mind and in my experience listening to his amazing jazz keyboard playing and through meeting him just a few times as a huge fan, not only did he have a gift, he shared his gift, his brilliance in music and everything else, leaving us his unparalleled legacy. Lyle Mays will be greatly missed! ~Travis
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Apr 08 2020
at 4:44 PM
Bookmark and Share thanks also yossarian for the link. That was a very well written tribute.
facing west
Apr 01 2020
at 1:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the link, Yossarian. The Lyle tribute in Jazzwise is a good read. Got me thinking about my favorite Lyle moments on record. So many to choose from, but here’s a couple that come to mind. Solo records, the track Bill Evans, from Fictionary. With Pat and Nana, As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls. With PMG, Dream of the Return: Lyle’s brief solo at around 2:20 is simple, and simply sublime. Thank you, Lyle.
Mar 16 2020
at 5:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I really liked this piece about Lyle at Jazzwise, a UK website. personal-tribute
Mar 06 2020
at 2:03 PM
Bookmark and Share What a sad bereavement! Rest in Peace, Lyle. Your wonderful music will sound in my heart and mind forever.
Feb 24 2020
at 5:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Lyle Mays, simply one of the very best. My wife and I and our two sons met Lyle, Pat and the band backstage in 2005 during the Way Up tour, at the Universal Amp in LA. It was a special evening as we were able to receive back-stage passes for the after show party. Following an amazing performance, we were escorted to a private reception area. After 30 minutes or so, Pat emerged, then Lyle and the rest of the band members. Lyle and Pat were both very personal, and easy to talk with along with Antonio, Gregoire, and Cong. Steve was busy. I told Lyle and Pat, "PMG is, in my opinion, the hardest working the world." Lyle looked right at me and said, "Thank you, we appreciate hearing that." I thought it was a meaningful compliment as it goes with out saying they were the best jazz band, as they hear millions of fans clapping approval. So we spoke, collected autographs and headed out. I simply can’t get enough of the music. And if you don’t have Lyle’s non-MG recordings, they are stunning, beautifully composed and played. If you are craving more Lyle these are a must. Thanks Lyle! RIP Brother
Feb 23 2020
at 6:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Reading and listening to interviews with Lyle this past fortnight has been very enlightening. And found two more great YouTube solos... on We Had a Sister with Pat from Warsaw in 1995 and on Spain (Chick’s song) with Woody Herman band in London mid 1970s. Truly superb.
Feb 21 2020
at 5:46 PM
Bookmark and Share molesoul, I had exactly the same feeling re "Sixty-six" and Lyle. The track somewhat conjures up to me "Towards the light" on the Brad Mehldau Quartet cd . Lyle going towards the light. Pat must be amused at our guessing and speculation.
Feb 21 2020
at 1:48 PM
Bookmark and Share this is a postscript to m’ previous post: it only now struck me that sixty-six was lyle’s age at passing . . . . . . . . and i must say that sixty-six may be my favorite tune on from this place . . . . . also, speaking of folks writing tunes with someone ’in mind’, esperanza spalding has a song on her album called ’chamber music society’ and it’s title is ’what a friend’ . . . . now i’ve no particular reason for suspecting this, save for a coupla certain chord changes and various alterations of the ’light’ throughout the piece, but i’ve always thought, from the first time that i heard this incredible song, that she wrote it with pat & lyle in mind . . . . i’ll just betcha . . . . . . . you know, long ago pat told ES that she had ’the X-factor’, and she has said that that helped her in deciding to continue on her shimmering path as a musical person . . . . . i might be mistaken, saying that she wrote ’what a friend’ in tribute to PMG, but just listen to the song - you can even hear maestro aznar wafting in the breeze!
Feb 21 2020
at 1:14 PM
Bookmark and Share hey tyler durden: thanks for your expressive post about lyle . . . . we’re all pretty leveled by this, around these parts, from this place . . . of course, we had been missing him for some time, but always thought that he’d eventually show back up musically, and as it turns out he & pat had been thinking about doing wichita 2, and another project, too . . . . now we will just all have to miss him, but he gave sooooo much - things that we haven’t fully realized yet, i think . . . . . btw, i think the tune ’sixty-six’ from the new record is maybe one that pat wrote w/lyle in mind . . . . .
Tyler Durden
Feb 20 2020
at 10:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Haven’t logged into the Garage in years. Was once a regular all the way back to 94. Remember the basement? Anyway, was devastated to hear of Lyles passing. A gut punch. One of the most amazing musicians of my life, brilliant, so beautiful and deep. A great loss to music and the world more generally. He sure did leave an incredible legacy of beauty, peace and joy. Art in the truest most rich, and valuable sense. An amazing life, well lived. This hurts... Rest easy brother.
Feb 18 2020
at 11:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Molesoul, so much for my eloquence overkill :-). I am not worried though, because you got me right. I, personally and very subjectively, always seek certain values in an artist, not only a pleasant aesthetic experience. It seems to me that artists of this kind are not so numerous. Pat and his collaborators in and outside PMG represent standards that I find exemplary. Pat makes his standards and attitude very clear when he speaks or writes. What are these? Most essentially, humility and gratitude for the privilege of being a musician and for the continued ability to learn. I call them moral standards. Other than the artistic bonding between these “monster hearts & heads”, Lyle also conveyed those standards, which makes his death all the more poignant.
Feb 18 2020
at 1:34 PM
Bookmark and Share gyuri - you express great things about lyle, etc. altho i don’t think maybe that you write very much, because you have a sometimes rather ’roundabout’, tho endearing, way of coming around to things that, at least fer me, is a tad confusing . . . . but nevertheless, i hear ya loud & clear, and, actually i hadn’t really planned on typing anything here on the garage about lyle (it’s lyle, y’ know . . . ineffable), but your post rather struck me and i hope everyone gets to read it . . . . l lapped up the part about the ’league’ . . . a league, indeed, of monster hearts & heads creating an oh-so-unique & rare cosmic product for the, truly aware, masses to experience . . . . . as for peers, i believe there’s always been some manner of ’connection’ between pat/lyle and towner/mccandless . . . . i do know that pat has always spoken lovingly about RT and lyle and paul have played many times together, particularly w/eberhard . . . . . at any rate, that relatively small ’circle’ that these guys came up with way back when is one rarefied ’league’, to be sure.
Feb 18 2020
at 11:58 AM
Bookmark and Share There are certain people, very few people, who set certain standards below which life seems useless to live. Lyle Mays was one of those people, a dying breed. In fact, I believe most jazz musicians and a minority of R&B musicians represent such intellectual and also, just as importantly, moral standards, at and for which I personally find life worth living - in addition, naturally, to the joy and enriching aesthetic experience they give to their audience. I almost physically felt the loss when I read the news here on Pat’s site. The world – my world anyway – has become discernibly less after his passing, even though he has left an indelible mark in my life, as in the lives of his other fans. That teaches me to cherish and value even more whoever and whatever is still left around in that league. RIP, Mr. Mays.
Feb 17 2020
at 9:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Just heard this terrible terrible news today. Did not want to believe nor accept its unsuspected arrival. Like most long time Metheny fans, we’re old enough now understand the inevitability of loss; tho of course that only makes it "hit home" more profoundly. I don’t want to believe Lyle Mays’ life over and forgive me a few days to stubbornly accept its fact. So many fond musical memories - ones quite literally that raised the hair on my forearms and or welled water the base my eyes’ lids. But not to be morose or sad but exalt the man’s life & music ... An offer of a beautiful image brought to mind ... Dave Sanborn’s long ago now Night Music show, the band performing Have You Heard. To say they killed it (sorry the expression but it does apply) would be an understatement. Lyle to Pat’s right of course, as the song crescendo-ing to its finish, the final note Lyle unable to remain sitting, hitting the chord he stood and punched the air triumphantly. Lyle APPROVED. How appropriately as I write this, First Circle playing, no beginning no end ... just perfect symmetry & beauty Rest easy Mr Mays and thank you - from the bottom of my (getting old) heart - for all the gorgeous music and memories thereof.
Feb 17 2020
at 12:27 AM
Bookmark and Share So many things I want to say, but here’s one- whenever I think of the PMG, which is pretty often, the sound I hear in my head is always Lyle, laying the foundation, before Pat comes in and does his dance. Mays’ synth patches -- which he coded himself, back in the day -- were like a warm hug, a soft touch on the back of your ear. Lyle’s given me more shivers of joy along my scalp than anybody else, know what I mean? Secondly, I just finally realized what the common element is between my two favorite groups, PMG and The Band. Those have nothing apparent in common, except for the organ player. Garth Hudson brought inventive harmonies and ever-surprising sounds out of his old Lowery organ, which he was constantly modifying for new sounds.
Feb 16 2020
at 6:31 PM
Bookmark and Share I learned of Lyle’s passing when reading the Washington Post last week. Like everyone else I was devastated by the news. the music the group made together affected so many people; musicians and otherwise. it brought tears to my eyes last night when I remembered a mind-blowing experience at a Pat Metheny Group concert. It was at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles many years ago. Pat introduced the Perri sisters, incredible gospel- and soul-trained vocalists, who’d been so into the group’s music that they redid some of the group’s tunes, adding their own lyrics and harmonies. Two pieces they did I remember vividly to this day: "Airstream" and "Jaco." the point is, great art and great artists are not a static phenomenon. They can inspire people to do great things. I hope Lyle’s extended family of loved ones and colleagues can take some comfort and assurance that his incredible talent and generosity of spirit planted seeds in others that will blossom -- and already has blossomed -- into great art by others. What he shared lives on in a very real way.
Feb 16 2020
at 5:58 PM
Bookmark and Share So sorry to hear this news. I’ve been a fan of PM since you played Rochester in the early 80’s. A friend of mine gave me a copy of American Garage as I was just getting into jazz, and I thought it was pretty cool. But I was totally unprepared for As Falls Wichita ... , when I heard it the first time it hit me like a ton of bricks. Especially Lyle’s playing on that album. That work really made an artistic statement unlike any I had heard before. As Pat said, their work together is well documented, and the world is a much better place because of that.
Feb 16 2020
at 8:50 AM
Bookmark and Share I just learned the news of Lyle’s passing. It sent shivers down my spine. As an amateur piano player, I could only dream that I could play like Lyle. I was sad when he left the group presumably because he was tired of the touring life. I had no idea he was suffering from health issues. One of the highlights of my life was when I briefly met him after a show at the Beacon Theater in NY, I asked him to sign a poster I had just purchased. He was so kind and down to earth- he even took a few moments of his time to ask me about the shirt I was wearing. I have been missing not seeing him on tour, now I am crying he is gone.
Feb 16 2020
at 12:29 AM
Bookmark and Share I am heartbroken. Love that man. RIP
Feb 15 2020
at 6:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat, It’s been a long time. Saw Lyle’s obituary in The Globe today. I’m so sorry to hear about this; he was so important to you and I have many memories of your music together; also Jaco. I’m doing well; I’ve found a way to maintain health and am working on a very long project to leverage a change the world through music performance training. Several other projects... love, another brother, John Amaral
Feb 15 2020
at 5:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Definitely a huge loss, but thankfully in this day/time we have an amazing amount of Lyle’s work with The Pat Metheny Group to remember him with. Lyle will definitely be missed. Since hearing of Lyle’s passing I’ve been listening to alot of PMG from the first album up to The Way Up.
Feb 15 2020
at 9:00 AM
Bookmark and Share Sincerest condolences to the Mays family. He was a true artist, brilliant player masterful composer. Sorely missed. A void that will never be filled.
Feb 15 2020
at 8:06 AM
Bookmark and Share I can almost literally repeat Miks S’s words below. Also had a chat with Lyle, this was during their Songbook Tour at North Sea Jazz. He took his time, made me feel free to ask whatever questions I had. Moments to cherish. And the same goes for PMG’s music, to which Lyle has been an essential contributor.
Feb 14 2020
at 3:24 PM
Bookmark and Share A friend and I were talking several days before Lyle’s death about what a kind, open man he was/is. How unfortunately enigmatic that we would lose a great musician last Monday following our conversation. Lyle will be missed.
Feb 14 2020
at 12:21 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m chuffed. It’s like a brother died. Great human being, excellent composer and musician. Key musician in the great PMG. Sweet memories. Godspeed, Lyle. Thank you for all the excellent, exciting and beautiful music.
Feb 13 2020
at 6:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Dear Pat, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to you and to all your band members for your loss. I had the honor of meeting you and Lyle back stage at Universal Amphitheater in 2002. Speaking of Now tour and was extremely impressed with how humble and gracious you both were. Sincerely Bob Conboy Oceanside,Calif
Feb 13 2020
at 2:13 PM
Bookmark and Share 38, 42, 55, 3 My favorite album
facing west
Feb 13 2020
at 12:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Just completely stunned by the news, and grateful for the music and inspiration over the years. I am not sure there is a heaven. But I have experienced warm summer evenings in Toronto, Seattle, Vancouver and Montreal. Earth Wind and Fire’s That’s The Way of the World is fading out. The lights are going down. And Pat, Lyle and PMG are taking the stage. That’s a kind of heaven.
Feb 13 2020
at 8:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Dear Lyle Music was your life, your daily, playing and play, you have created unique and incredible harmonies, PMG live concerts I breathed a special air, difficult to explain, along with the PMG was a beautiful adventure, it was also for me, thanks for your music, now I cry and I remember you, now and forever. With affection R.I.P.
Feb 13 2020
at 7:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Lyle was one of the most influential people in my life. I only met him once (Sicily 1987), but his (and Pat’s) music were the soundtrack to my adult life. Their compositions, and improvisations opened musical and spiritual doors for me along the 35 year journey. Their magic added a profound richness to my life that was unfulfilled before discovering them. Lyle has shed his earthly skin and slipped away. I hope that Lyle is rewarded for what he has given to the universe. Love you forever Lyle ! Thank you for adding joy to my life !
Feb 12 2020
at 5:47 PM
Bookmark and Share With great sadness, Pat and Lyle wrote September 15 in memory of the passing of the great Bill Evans so maybe soon we’ll be listening to a new piece named February 10.
Feb 12 2020
at 2:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Straight On Red
Feb 12 2020
at 10:14 AM
Bookmark and Share It would great if there was any recorded music by Lyle and Pat somewhere in the vaults worth releasing.
Feb 12 2020
at 12:53 AM
Bookmark and Share No Lyle, no no no....this can’t be true....
Feb 11 2020
at 10:28 PM
Bookmark and Share It was a shock to hear the news that Lyle has passed. I was fortunate to talk to him and the group a few times over the years and since my wife is from Wisconsin, they always had fun conversations about the Packers and areas around Wisconsin that they both would know. Thanks Lyle for your musical contributions to the group over the years and your own solo works. My condolences go out to Lyle’s family.
Feb 11 2020
at 4:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Some great comments here... well said St P... Lyle and Pat’s music has been so important to me for so long. I knew this day would come but not this soon. Of course PMG hadn’t played together for 10 years so we’re kind of used of not hearing Lyle live but there was always hope it’d happen again in some form or other. But what a great legacy of albums and songs. So sad for his family. I first heard Lyle in 1976 at the Royal Festival Hall when he was playing with Woody Herman’s Herd. Woody was very proud to have him in the band and gave him a trio feature telling him ’Get your haircut, kid’. RIP Lyle. One of the musical greats. And pretty good at lots of other things too I hear... chess, architecture, tech and, strangely, pool.
Feb 11 2020
at 4:16 PM
Bookmark and Share The news of Lyle’s passing hit hard this morning. As soon as I was able I put on “To The End Of The World” to listen to my favorite Lyle solo. Watching and listening to him play was a great pleasure in my life. He was The Way Up.
Feb 11 2020
at 3:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Admiration for Lyle and condolences to his family.
Feb 11 2020
at 2:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Lyle Mays was an incredible musician and a wonderful human being. Saw him many times with PMG. He would often hang out on stage after the show and talk and sign autographs with fans. Very friendly. It is always a sad day when someone whose music has helped shape your soul passes away. Thank you Lyle for the memories, the music and your heart. Rest in peace friend.
St P
Feb 11 2020
at 1:55 PM
Bookmark and Share It was only on here with the prompting of more musically open minded fans than me , back at the turn of the century,that I came to appreciate Lyles genius. My last memory of him was 2010. It’s often overlooked that the core PMG quartet toured Europe that summer. Five years after the Way Up tour. But nearly ten years ago now. I was staying in the same hotel as them in Montreux. I saw Lyle Steve and Antonio in the lobby about one hour pre gig. Pat was probably off running. As you would expect the concert was no less great than any other PMG concert in the preceding 33 years. One of the highlights was an extended piano solo in To The End Of the World. We all thought this presaged a new PMG project. At one point it was rumored that Pat and Lyle were writing again. One interview spoke of “ many new projects in the offing, including a PMG record”. It was not to be. We got snippets of info. To this day I’m still baffled at how a multi Grammy winner can become a software manager. But that’s my problem. I used in my ignorance to knock Pat for being too prolific and not taking a break. Lyle had other interests equally important as music, a true modern Renaissance man. This morning I played America Undefined - the world turns. I also played San Lorenzo Travels version “ there’s always Lyle” Whoever produced that record kept that phrase from an audience member for posterity for a reason.
Feb 11 2020
at 12:57 PM
Bookmark and Share OMG! This is terrible news. It was sad when he stopped touring with Pat. That was a tremendous loss in its own right. This news is too much! I was just talking to a fellow jazz enthusiast about Lyle the other day. We were wondering about a reunion tour with Pat, Steve and Antonio (or Paul). Rest in peace Lyle - you certainly deserve it!
mario toni
Feb 11 2020
at 12:42 PM
Bookmark and Share I feel like I’ve lost someone of my family but never knew him....Jesus! I don’t have the strength to listen to his music right now.....God bless you brother!
Feb 11 2020
at 11:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Wow, I just kind of feel numb, in a state of shock. The world is now a different place without Lyle. For over four decades he has been such a musical cornerstone in my life like no one else. I guess I’d just been waiting patiently for what was going to come next. There just wasn’t anyone like him. No one. I remember the first time I saw him in ’82 on the Offramp tour and the highlight of the concert was his extended solo--I was moved beyond measure at his brilliance and creativity and can still picture him on stage in that darkened concert hall. In Seattle in 1989 I remember before the beginning of the Letter From Home concert, me and my concert buddy were walking around the side of the Paramount Theater and Lyle came out of one of the side stage doors and passed by within a few feet. I said to my friend "That’s Lyle Mays!" and never forgot the moment. I can still even see the light of that fine August day and picture him clearly. My God, we were all so much younger then! May he rest in peace.
Mr Flowers
Feb 11 2020
at 10:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Remembering Lyle Mays fondly, feeling his loss acutely. Recalling how his work drew people together in shared appreciation of beauty and human excellence. Sending my condolences to his family, friends, and fans and in particular to my AG friends from the early 2000s Elena, Mac, Sharon, and Les. I miss you, Lyle. Thank you for giving me so much joy over the years. I continue to be joyful from your work.
Feb 11 2020
at 10:12 AM
Bookmark and Share I can’t believe it... An era died with Lyle. I’m so sad. There are no words to describe the grief.
Mike S.
Feb 11 2020
at 9:41 AM
Bookmark and Share I was fortunate enough to meet this great man once and he was so kind to have a chat with me. It was one of the most cherished moments of my life. His musical abilities were amazing and Pat’s music with Lyle was unmatched as Lyle added a whole other dimension and range of emotion to any piece! My dream of them reuniting is gone with very sad.
Feb 11 2020
at 9:32 AM
Bookmark and Share As much as I love(d) all the pianoplayers Pat’s been touring with, I was hoping all those years to see the "original" PMG just one last time, you know? The holy quartet with also Steve and Antonio. My "Beatles", so to say. All the more reason this is a very sad day because hope just got killed. Wishing all the best to his loved ones who survive him, trying to give their grief a place. Safe travels, mister Mays.
Feb 11 2020
at 8:58 AM
Bookmark and Share This news really hit me hard when I saw it this morning. One of the reasons I started listening to PMG was Lyles’ brilliant solo (one among many) on the first piece I heard which was "San Lorenzo". My condolences to his family, Pat and PMG, all of his friends who knew him personally, and of course all of us fans who are grieving as well. R.I.P. Lyle Mays. And thank you for all the great music...
Feb 11 2020
at 8:49 AM
Bookmark and Share RIP Lyle. You were a great complement to PMG and a fine musician in your own right. Our loss your musical career ended prematurely.
Feb 11 2020
at 7:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Lyle Mays. Lyle Mays. I hear his perfect solo in "September 15th" in my ears and in my heart. Too, soon to go but into the ether is he now and the universe has reclaimed its magnificent stardust for its’ own. Rest well, Lyle.
Feb 11 2020
at 7:19 AM
Bookmark and Share I felt with his music a unique sense of lyricism, melody and beauty. And an incredible capacity to take the music and to me with it, Más Allá (Beyond). Yes, he will be missed, he already was missed. I am so incredibly sad. Love him, love his music, his long fingers, his grin, everything. As the roman epitaph said "sit tibi terra levis".
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