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Feb 13 2020
at 4:12 PM
Oh, wow. New cut available from Pat’s new album. Each one has been better than the last. We’re much, much closer to PMG territory with this album: heartfelt, lovely songwriting. The re-addition of piano makes it that much more poignant with the loss of Lyle. This one has a lovely use of the orchestra, and builds to a great guitar synth solo from Pat. More and more I feel this new album is the sequel to Secret Story. And who could give any higher recommendation than that?
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Mar 27 2020
at 12:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Lucky to see Pat in Perth Australia before the cancelations, Everything Explained was the only song they played from the latest recording, Gwilym’s solo on that was for me, spine tingling. I have been listening to a lot of his work with the group, The Impossible Gentlemen(has Steve Rodby on some albums)for a few years. I have really been getting to a tune called Let’s Get Deluxe That tune has a hint (IMO) seventies band, L.A. Express. Gwilym’s playing has an amazing groove to it.
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