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SUBJECT: From This Place world tour - Could it be feasible? Back to Subjects
Feb 18 2020
at 2:51 PM
Pat has toured so many of his albums, so I wonder why this one would be an exception. Have no idea how this opus with symphonic orchestration could be put on stage. Would/could it be feasible costwise and logistically for the same symphony orchestra to travel round the world or would it be more expedient to engage local orchestras that must then learn the music each, which sounds equally complicated? Any thoughts from anyone?
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Feb 24 2020
at 2:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Definitely not in Perth, Australia. I received a change of venue notice last week to a more "intimate venue" was stated. Other than the practicalities this venue could not accommodate an orchestra. I’m disappointed that Pat is not that popular in Australia as he is in the rest of the world. (we just don’t get it here in Oz) The original venue has the most amazing acoustics I know Pat would have loved to played there. Return to Forever blew us away the night they played there. I saw the Unity band play at the Singapore concert hall it has the same qualities. I read some where that was part of the reason Pat did 5 encores that night
Feb 20 2020
at 12:30 AM
Bookmark and Share If you read the article about Pat in the March issue of Downbeat he says the Quartet will be doing a three continent tour to Cuba and Australia. He says it is too expensive to bring an orchestra with him and local orchestras wouldn’t be feasible because of the complex charts. Also he plans to take his Side-Eye project to Europe in the Spring and other various ensembles of his. He also mentioned touring as duo with Ron Carter. Hopefully that will be later in the year in US. I read somewhere else that he may do a US tour later in the year, not sure with whom. The Downbeat article is very good and his bandmates speak highly of him.
Feb 19 2020
at 3:50 PM
Bookmark and Share No need for an orchestra when you have an Orchestrion.
Feb 19 2020
at 1:08 PM
Bookmark and Share In the March 2020 Downbeat Pat pretty much ruled out traveling with, or engaging locally, an orchestra whenever they might play tunes from the new record. He said it was too musically complex for a regional orchestra to pick up quickly.
Feb 19 2020
at 9:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat did an outstanding job of adapting "Secret Story" to touring. He could probably do the same thing with this release.
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