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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny and The Legacy of Listening Back to Subjects
Mar 04 2020
at 11:22 AM
It’s both and depressing and interesting how times and tastes change. As an historian and educator I have worked with many students since the 1980’s and observed the highs and lows of popular culture and especially how the music world has transformed. I recently wore my 80/81 vintage t-shirt at the academy recently and not a single student and only 1 faculty member knew who Pat Metheny was (not to mention, Brecker, Haden, DeJohnette and Redman). I hope we as PM fans can keep his and these other legacies alive, but within the current cultural landscape it’s not promising. Peace.
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Mar 11 2020
at 6:30 PM
Bookmark and Share I played Imaginary Day for the 12th grade students today...
Mar 11 2020
at 3:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Same here. And then I make them listen. They’re sold forever. One at the time. But they all follow!
Mar 07 2020
at 12:35 AM
Bookmark and Share The sphere of real music fans and more specifically, real jazz fans, gets smaller every new day. Shame.
Mar 04 2020
at 8:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Kooltrane - you are 100percent correct! I wrote in a few weeks ago that Antonio came up as a answer on Jeopardy and not one of the contestants knew who he was! I was really surprised... And, I have had the same experience that you described: namely I often wear a PMG tee or hat, or I mention Pat and people look at me as if to say: "What drugs are you on?"
Mar 04 2020
at 5:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Don’t forget what Pat said: "The majority of people who will get the most out of this music are likely not on the planet yet." He’s undoubtedly right.
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