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Mar 04 2020
at 8:52 PM
I have to tell everyone about this - it is blowing my mind! So, ever since I was a kid I have had this fantasy about Switzerland. I have NO idea why - but I have always wanted to go there. I also want to visit Barcelona as I have heard wonderful things about that city. Well, my wife just surprised me with tickets for my 70th birthday: Tickets to see Pat in Switzerland ON my birthday (we live in California, US - so this is really a big deal... After the concert, we fly to Barcelona for a week vacation. I am so psyched!
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May 13 2020
at 6:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank you Frank. We are looking at next year... can’t make the one in Switzerland on May 9. but we will make at least one.
Apr 23 2020
at 6:20 PM
Bookmark and Share mugsy, my condolences , maybe you can still go once they reschedule.
Apr 13 2020
at 4:30 AM
Bookmark and Share I am also from California and while on a trip with my wife in Norway got to see pat for the "speaking of now" tour. It was so nice, and the audience was so quiet at all the right times. Happy Birthday and ENJOY!
Mar 23 2020
at 2:59 AM
Bookmark and Share I saw Pat in Lucerne and Geneva in 2017, both fantastic gigs in beautiful venues and cities. I’d planned to go to Zurich in May because he is not playing in the UK and I loved Switzerland so much, but I put off booking for various reasons and I’m glad I did now because I doubt it’ll go ahead.
Mar 16 2020
at 5:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Sadly the gigs I’d imagine will be unlikely to take place
Mar 14 2020
at 8:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Here in the states, everything is being cancelled. No sport events, no large concert halls, many schools, universities, etc. It is really sad and scary. My piano teacher and a friend who plays sax are both losing gigs. Everyone is being affected in some way.
Mar 13 2020
at 1:39 PM
Bookmark and Share so true...I fear his European shows might be canceled anyway, or at least some of them. I also got tickets already for a year now for 2 gigs in May. It should be better by then tough... fingers crossed
Mar 12 2020
at 12:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Bx and StP - Now with all the panic of the coronavirus - we are rethinking if we will even go... I love Pat, but spending 12 hours+ on a virus capsule (otherwise known as an airplane) may not be the best idea. We are going to wait it out and see what April & May bring.
Mar 11 2020
at 8:23 AM
Bookmark and Share I can very much relate to this mugsy and I think it’s simply incredible!!! I wish you guys the trip and experience of your lifes!! I was surprised that way to go on my birthday to Toots Thielemans’ 75 birthday concert, over 20 years ago. And I saw Pat and the current quartet at Ronnie Scott’s in London some years ago, the most legendary jazzclub next to the Blue Note in NY. Also a dream come true...Have a blast!
St P
Mar 10 2020
at 1:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow I was living on lake Geneva in 1987 and saw the PMG play Montreux. They sold Still life talking at the gig it wasn’t even in the shops yet. Fabulous. Then I saw the day trip trio there in 04 and the PMG on their last tour in 2010. Of course so poignant now.... Enjoy the mountains and the cheese and Pat ! And a tip - the place is incredibly expensive !!
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