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Mar 14 2020
at 6:16 PM
I’ve gotten e-mails from two jazz venues that I’ve attended in the past (one in Seattle and one in Texas) that Pat is coming to those venues next year (Feb. 2021 in one of the two). I haven’t seen any announcements on this website about those or other U.S. dates. Anyone seen anything or know anything about a U.S. tour?
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Mar 24 2020
at 11:34 AM
Bookmark and Share Some brief info about Pat & company at in the article "Musicians Across the World Face Daunting Situations."
Mar 18 2020
at 10:34 AM
Bookmark and Share I would think so. Seems like most concerts/tours here are cancelling and it sounds like Italy has been hit harder than we have so far.
Mar 17 2020
at 11:39 AM
Bookmark and Share think he may postpone/cancel Italy ?
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