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Mar 27 2020
at 12:07 PM
Perhaps this recording with Holland and Haynes is PM’s finest moment? The playing and compositions are stunning. And it was recorded in a single day.
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Apr 10 2020
at 8:39 AM
Bookmark and Share The purpose of the post was to assess the entire record "Question and Answer" and not just the single track. When one considers PM’s solos on "Solar", "Law Years" , "All The Things You Are" (none of which he wrote) and the rest , he elevates jazz guitar to a whole new plateau IMHO. Of course I’m right and everybody else is wrong. Just kidding. Peace.
Apr 09 2020
at 7:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for being the catalyst that’s turned my attention to Like Minds. Although I’ve owned that disc since 1998, its one of my least listened-to Metheny records. I’d forgotten that Roy Haynes and Dave Holland are featured on the album. I believe that your other aforementioned record (with Gary Burton) is Quartet Live, released in 2009. I think that each of the “Question and Answer” performances we’ve been discussing has something unique to offer. For me, “Question and Answer” may be Pat’s signature composition in the Jazz/Bebop idiom, along such tunes as “H&H” and “80/81”.
Apr 08 2020
at 1:35 PM
Bookmark and Share The original was tame in comparison to the Trio Live version. Another cover that I thought paled in comparison was from Like Minds . There was another from a reunion album Pat did with Gary Burton that is my second favorite.
Apr 05 2020
at 4:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for your comment on the Trio Live performance of "Question and Answer". Watching Bill Stewart and Pat (along with Larry Grenadier) absolutely erupt on this tune at Blues Alley (Washington D.C.) was one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve seen Pat twelve times, and the two sets he played that night were best I’ve ever heard him. That 3/8/2000 date may have been the best musical outing I"ve EVER been to, period. During the first set, I sat at the right edge of the stage next to Bill Stewart’s drum kit, and during the intermission before the second set, some wonderful Metheny enthusiasts invited me sit with them DEAD CENTER in front of Pat himself, still in front at the edge of the stage! It was the first time I’d heard the extended arrangement of "Question and Answer", (with Pat just SOARING on his guitar-synth), and IT WAS INTENSE!! During the closing section of the tune, Pat conjured up aural images of a spaceship landing over the horizon. I’m not sure if he played the augmented version of "Question and Answer" with Roy Haynes and Dave Holland, but I sure would like to have seen those three swing!
Apr 04 2020
at 11:58 AM
Bookmark and Share as for the title track, I think the cover of it on Trio Live takes the song to a whole new level. Greatest is so subjective, the trio with Antonio and Christian is great, also. I think you have to stick with favorite.F.O.A.T.
Apr 01 2020
at 9:53 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve always liked "Change of Heart", from this album, a lot.
facing west
Apr 01 2020
at 8:44 AM
Bookmark and Share The allmusic review of this album gets to the point: "it should be heard by anyone serious about music in any way." ’Three Flights Up’ on any given day may be my favorite PM track of all time; it represents the peak of his playing. Pat really know how to close out an album. Lone Jack is another incredible tune, with a similar vibe. The vibe is pure joy.
Mar 31 2020
at 2:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Returned to this album due to yooz guyz’ re-recs and comments. Yep, it’s exceptional, to say the least. BTW, the liner notes are by the same guy that wrote "The Bear Comes Home"--Rafi Zabor. I hadn’t realized that till I finished the novel earlier this month and re-read his words, tiny as they are, in the CD notes. Thanks for turning my ears back to Q&A!
Mar 29 2020
at 7:36 PM
Bookmark and Share I would agree that Question and Answer is certainly Pat’s best "Trio" album (although "Three Flights Up", one of my favorite Metheny recordings, is augmented by Synclavier), and my subjective personal preferences only hold three other Metheny albums above that amazing 12/21/89 session (Song XX, Offramp and Pat Metheny Group (1978)). I would also agree that Question and Answer is Pat’s best showcase as a guitarist, particularly in the jazz idiom; its Metheny at the peak of his powers! When I want to hear pure, "Straight no Chaser" jazz, this is one of my great records to turn to. None of Pat’s other trio recordings with Grenadier/Stewart, Haden/Higgins, McBride/Sanchez, or Pastorius/Moses match the musical potency of Metheny/Haynes/Holland as documented on Question and Answer. [exception: the great recording "Trigonometry" from Song X with Haden/DeJohnette] Although I’d like to own the Nonesuch remaster, my 1990 Geffen pressing, (with Dave Holland a little light in the mix) is still perfection to me. I eagerly await Pat’s next Trio album. it’s been too long since Day Trip. Thanks for focusing attention on one of the great jazz albums of all time, and what I believe is one of Pat’s under-appreciated releases.
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