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SUBJECT: In such a unique year 2D world, a Pats Christmas present, perhaps? Back to Subjects
May 23 2020
at 10:33 AM
Whenever I get to listen a Jazzy styled Christmas Carol, as well as some acoustic version of them even -some of those medioeval holiday tunes played by a naked guitar-, I cannot help but feel some mix of joy and consolation... In a year in which many have departed taken by the hit of an pandemic that stormed all the world - Pat’s beloved NYC to name one place-, the idea of hearing a fine selection of loving, thoughtful Holiday’s Classics played by Pat seeds in me the hope of closing this year with a much more consoled heart. Who knows... Sometimes dreams come true.
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May 27 2020
at 9:42 AM
Bookmark and Share This would make a heck of a stocking stuffer! I would dig it!
May 26 2020
at 7:04 PM
Bookmark and Share I don’t mean to be insensitive, and obviously this is only my opinion, but I hate the idea of Pat doing a Christmas album. Not trying to be a wise guy or diminish anyone’s feelings, and I apologise if I did so. Just adding my two cents (which admittedly isn’t even worth that much).
May 26 2020
at 4:47 PM
Bookmark and Share how about "Last Train Home (for Christmas)" ?
May 24 2020
at 2:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve always thought that "Just Like the Day" from Trio 99->00 sounded like it could belong on a Christmas album.
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