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Jun 05 2020
at 12:29 PM
The Coronavirus Shutdown has allowed me to revisit my Pat Metheny CDs and DVDs. Last week I pulled out the Parallel Realities compact disc to check it out again. I forgot it was a trio recording with Jack DeJohnette, Herbie Hancock and Pat. I caught that tour live in San Diego and they added Dave Holland on bass. I know I bought a video of the quartet live but couldn’t find it. I did a Google Video search and found a great 50 minute video at the dailymotion website. Google search "DeJohnette, Hancock, Holland, Metheny, Live. I have only watched about ten minutes of it, but it looks really good.
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Jun 06 2020
at 2:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Thirty years ago this summer I drove with two confreres from Morehead, KY (where were were attending school) to Alexandria, VA, specifically for the Parallel Realities quartet concert at Wolf Trap’s Filene Center. Big place, huge crowd - probably the biggest crowd at a jazz show I’ve seen to this day - and a truly phenomenal concert. Most vivid memory is of Dave Holland’s ridiculously brilliant, mostly unaccompanied solo on Herbie’s "Eye Of The Hurricane," which had a nearly sold-out crowd (capacity: 7,000) silently spellbound on the edge of their seats. When DH finished and began walking furiously back into the form the entire crowd leapt to their feet and exploded into an inhuman roar that literally shook the ground. MarcNebo - thanx for the memory! Haven’t heard "Parallel Realities" in a long time - gonna put it on tonight. LOUD. Peace from Porkopolis and stay safe, y’all.
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