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Jul 16 2020
at 4:32 PM
This comment/question/thought is going to be kind of rhetorical or philosophical. Ever since I first heard his music in 1983, Pat has always conveyed transcendence to me. Not necessarily and not only in a religious or spiritual sense but in how he has always risen above life’s often stark reality while remaining closely connected and responding to it throughout. He has always been truly able to bring light into darkness. (My wife and I saw him in Budapest, I think, almost 3 years ago and at some point during the concert she said “If there is heaven I would like it to be like this”.) I have sensed darkness particularly strongly in recent months. Something has fundamentally changed around us. I have a strong view of the nature of this change but this is no place to discuss that, except the point that the light Pat (and other artists in his league) have so far brought into darkness does not seem to be enough. Darkness seems to be prevailing more than ever before. In one fell swoop, for the overwhelming majority of the population our world has been turned into a global prison no one can escape from. I have always seen a mission and a consistent message in Pat’s music, a relentless determination to show the world the upside of life, which he did and never in a superficial way. This, with many other human achievements, now seems to be swept away and I wonder if there can be a response to this new reality from Pat, or from any human being, for that matter. Can anything or anyone ever make any difference?
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Jul 18 2020
at 1:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Gyuri and Kooltrane: Add Charlie Haden to that list. He was a great musician and great friend of Pat. He was very political in his music (Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra. He was also jailed for making political comments at a concert in Europe.
Jul 18 2020
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share These are dark times. However art, music, culture are the source of life and hope. We can (and must) relish in the voices of the Methenys, Mozarts, Hurstons, Picassos, Beethovens, Ellingtons etc. that provide sanity and hope for mankind. They and their peers advocate revolution and truth to power through their art, more effectively than any politician. Stay with them and find peace and change. I’m not sure this helps you, but there it is.
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