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Jul 25 2020
at 3:16 PM
What a great album! Anyone know if there’s going to be a book, so we can play these wonderful songs? Thx.
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Jul 27 2020
at 12:16 AM
Bookmark and Share imeubu : I just did Google search Beyond The Missouri Sky Sheet Music. Someone did a transcription. I don’t know anything about it or if it Pat Metheny authorized.
Jul 26 2020
at 1:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Having a book of From This Place would be great. However, due to the complexity of these pieces (as Pat stated the way they were put together) it might be difficult. The book I’d like to have is a transcription of Beyond The Missouri Sky. BTMS is just a textbook lesson in Listening, Taste, Self Editing, and Highlighting your fellow musician’s talent. Such a GREAT collaboration between two BFFs. #AlwaysRememberCharlieHaden!
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