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SUBJECT: Pat’s entire ECM catalog released in Hi-Res Back to Subjects
Aug 01 2020
at 9:18 AM
For streaming and download. I checked out Bright Size Life and Watercolors so far and both sound amazing on Tidal HiFi. Pat’s solo pieces on Watercolors really sound gorgeous and Jaco’s bass on BSL is really nice and clear, especially his solo on the title cut. From the Jazziz article: "Christoph Stickel said, “The main premise in digitizing the Pat Metheny tapes was not to change the sound of the recordings, but to realize them in the original form, in the best possible quality."
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Dec 06 2020
at 11:16 PM
Bookmark and Share So if I listen to any of these on Apple Music, I’ll be hearing the new high-rez versions? I don’t see any reference to that there.
Oct 21 2020
at 10:38 PM
Bookmark and Share thirdwind : Google "Pat Metheny ECM High Resolution". First three articles are from JazzTimes, Downbeat and Jazziz. All three show various places to Download or Stream.
Oct 21 2020
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share I don’t use Apple for Hi-Res but this jazztimes article has a reference at the bottom that says Apple has them in Apple Digital Master download and streaming. The ECM link is pretty minimal and is missing Rejoicing and the White Album. If you just Google Pat Metheny Hi-Res you’ll find a ton of stuff. There are also many sites that you can directly purchase the titles in a 96khz/24 bit download.
Oct 20 2020
at 6:32 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s October now, and I can’t find any reference to these reissues at the ECM site, or the ECM page in Apple Music. Does anybody have some useful links?
Aug 18 2020
at 2:55 AM
Bookmark and Share I compared these on Apple Music to my CDs and there is a huge improvement in sounds. Apple Music has "bookets" included, which are pdfs. Are there more liner notes and pictures that weren’t on the original releases?
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