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SUBJECT: Anyone familiar with Guthrie Govan? Back to Subjects
Aug 13 2020
at 12:25 AM
I wish he’d get more credit and popularity; this guy is a total monster. He hasn’t been involved much in the jazz community but he probably has some of the best chops on the planet and he’s far more versatile than most metal players. Here’s a great clip: The clip is over 10 years old, I’d love to know what he’s up to these days.
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Aug 18 2020
at 2:29 AM
Bookmark and Share He’s superb. If you are a fan of guitar music he’s one to catch on concert. Saw him twice in Philly. He was with Asia when the played at the Trocadero (now gone). The second time was with The Aristocrats (Bryan Beller & Marco Minnemann) at the North Star Bar (also gone).
Aug 15 2020
at 1:10 AM
Bookmark and Share I have to catch up on what he’s doing these days. Recently saw him in a trio on you tube and it was beyond fantastic. I agree with all you said about him. Mindblowing.
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