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Aug 13 2020
at 9:59 PM
I was driving to Iowa State University to move my daughter back in for her junior year, and my iphone was shuffling away. All of a sudden I’m hearing a familiar melody with a country twang. I looked @ my iWatch and first noticed Last Train Home, then Carl Verheyen - master studio musician. What a great take on one of Pat’s catalog. I am not a country music listener and Carl can play all styles of guutar, but must say he did a lively version while I drove thru the heartland of America.
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Oct 12 2020
at 11:00 PM
Bookmark and Share I found it by buying the music on his website:
Oct 09 2020
at 11:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Really like him. Could not find the song on Spotify, though, nor on You Tube. (??) I typed in "last train home, carl verheyen". Nothing. Lots of songs named "Last Train Home", too.
Oct 08 2020
at 10:46 AM
Bookmark and Share broph, I enjoy PM/PMG covers immensely. So, when I read your post, I jumped on Spotify, found the tune, pushed play and stuck the phone in my pocket. I didn’t recognize the melody at all and thought the guitar sounded very Larry-Carlton-esque. I tired of the tune pretty quickly, pulled the phone out of my pocket with the intent of moving on and noticed that while I pushed play on the Verheyen tune, a Larry Carlton tune was playing. Pretty funny (to me). Still looking forward to hearing the Verheyen cover. (BTW, nothing against Larry’s playing--listened to him a lot before I discovered Pat--but his compositional skills aren’t comparable to Pat’s.) Best regards
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