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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny Album Cover Masks Back to Subjects
Aug 26 2020
at 10:50 AM
New Merchandise Idea- I don’t know about you folks, but masks are the new advertising and fan apparel. Would the fine folks at this website make various masks for sale such as PMG, Unity Band, or album themed masks? I would love a "We Live Here" or "From This Place" mask. While this might seem to be a post in jest, part of me thinks this would be really cool. Couldn’t you imagine when the concert halls start filling up again, people could wear their favorite Pat Metheny mask to the show? PPE for the fans!
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Sep 13 2020
at 3:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Peter Hitchens, Christopher’s brother (RIP), refers to them as ...the ’muzzles’...
Sep 11 2020
at 4:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Like it and looking forward it.
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