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Sep 19 2020
at 11:04 AM
I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before in this community but the great Pat Martino, who I guess has meant a lot to most jazzguitarist the last 55 years or so, is severly sick, can’t play and is in great need of financial support to be able to get well again. I think Pat has been one of the main inventors in jazz, not the least for the Martino "punch", his trademark phrasing, articulation and time invention, who seems to have inspired so many musicians but especially guitarist, who have aspired to play like him. I haven’t though yet heard anyone who has been able to swing to the degree and in the special way that Pat Martino does. Pat Martino has meant so much to me and I feel an enormous gratitude to him for everything he has given us all during all these years!! I hope, by making people here aware of how they can support him financially, that he will be able to soon be well again and able to continue performing. It seems to me that Pat Martino has never ever played one tone that hasn’t been 100percent music and he always been swinging like nobody else. So please, if you like his playing, go to this website and give him your support!! And please spread to more people who can be inspired to give! Thank you all!!
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Nov 01 2020
at 10:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Blisswork: Thank you for the Update on Pat Martino and for your effort at trying to assist him. Time to contribute again. His performing life is probably over, but let’s make the rest of his time on this planet as good as possible.
Oct 29 2020
at 6:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks all for your support and kind words! The first goal of the fundraising has been achieved which is fantastic as well as all the love and appreciation that have been sent to Pat. Here is a new message from the fundraising website for Pat ( Thank you for all your support in reaching our first goal. The outreach was incredible, and the love and caring overwhelming, but we now are at a crossroads. The need now is to think more long term. Pat’s condition is not improving, and with the complications of our current world situation, he will have trouble maintaining a good quality of life in the foreseeable future. That’s why we are keeping this fundraiser open for your continued support, which will prepare him for the next stage he will encounter. Please keep supporting in any way possible, we realize the difficulties everyone is enduring with the current financial status. Please stay safe and secure, we send our sincere wishes for a speedy resolve with this horrid pandemic.
Oct 07 2020
at 11:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Kudos to you Blisswork for this post. I’ve had the fortune to see Mr. Martino several times, most recently 2 years ago, and met him twice. He is a genuinely humble, down-to-earth person as well as an amazing musician. For those who aren’t aware, he has already made an unbelievable comeback from a brain aneurysm several years ago and had to completely relearn every song he had ever played. There’s a documentary on his life and the steps he took to regain his ability to play at the level he had previously that is worth watching, for many reasons.But his current situation is another major hurdle and he needs as much financial help as possible. Let’s all pray he pulls through.
Oct 03 2020
at 11:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Blisswork : Thank you for trying to get support for Pat Martino. Hopefully someone here contributed to the GoFundMe account, but expected someone to Post a comment here. Pat Metheny once said that he doesn’t really like guitarists who pick only, but names Pat Martino as an exception who makes it work very well.
Sep 21 2020
at 10:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry I forgot to complete my first sentence. ten times (in ten years).
Sep 20 2020
at 10:50 PM
Bookmark and Share In the past ten years I have probably seen Pat Martino live at the Jazz Showcase. He always has put on an excellent show always thanks the audience for coming to his show. I even turned one of my friends who listens mostly to the Blues on to Pat Martino. He was visiting from SoCal so I brought him to the show and he really enjoyed it. Pat has several major medical complications and his performing days are probably over, but he does need help paying for extensive medical and other related expenses. Please give whatever you can at his GoFundMe page. Also check out any of his recordings, like Pat Metheny he has many great records. His autobiography Here and Now! is a great read about his Jazz career and survival from a Brain Aneurism.
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