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SUBJECT: Concert In Charlotte NC Cancelled Back to Subjects
Oct 05 2020
at 11:21 PM
Is this true? I am heartbroken and despondent. Please reconsider.
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Oct 15 2020
at 2:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I just received an email from the Chicago Symphony Center regarding my 2020-2021 Jazz Series. All their concerts both Jazz and Classical have been cancelled from January thru March 30 2021. I was expecting this but was hoping the end was in sight. Live Jazz music was the best way to escape all the BS going on in the US. I was able to focus on the music for several hours and let the music take me to a much better place. Vote November 3rd, your life does depend on it!
Oct 14 2020
at 12:27 AM
Bookmark and Share Marc ... I agree, the Covid forecast is still a problem. . And accordingly the whole concert scene. Personally I am not paranoid of Covid, but many people are and probably for good reason. Am not optimistic that vaccines will be be magic solution. I think in the end, most people will at one or more points be exposed to the virus, just like the flu. I’m really hoping Pat’s concert In Stuart and elsewhere will happen in 2021, but ........
Oct 11 2020
at 3:03 PM
Bookmark and Share I have been attending the Chicago Symphony Jazz Series since 2008. Their Jazz Series runs from September to June, so the shows scheduled for 2021 were booked long before Covid-19 shut everything down. All my shows this year starting in March were cancelled for the year. The 2021 shows are still on the Calendar, but their status is yet to be determined. If they somehow are able to open with 100percent capacity they don’t know how many people are not comfortable with mass gatherings. I recently completed a questionnaire for another venue that I attend their Jazz Series. They wanted to know what I expected them to do for me to attend the 2021 shows. For now I can only hope that somewhere in 2021 I will get to see Pat live, hopefully with Side-Eye (version 2.0).
Oct 08 2020
at 12:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Until a vaccine is found and approved for Covid-19, I think that any concerts scheduled for 2021 will probably not happen. Also with capacities being limited a concert halls and even clubs they would have a hard time breaking even. My favorite jazz club in Chicago, the Jazz Showcase has reopened with only local acts and very limited capacity. There are a lot of additional expenses that the venues have to pay like hotel rooms and transportation.
Oct 06 2020
at 11:59 PM
Bookmark and Share James ... looks like it as it’s definitely on the list of cancelled events for the knight Theater. ::((. Well, I have my tickets for Pat’s next concert in Stuart, Florida. It’s still on their schedule , but I was impressed by the number of concerts that have been cancelled through the spring of 2021. And currently the theater is closed until further notice. And Florida is a relatively Covid liberal state. So I figure I have a 50:50 chance of seeing Pat. When all the snow birds descend on Florida, the Covid rate may increase a lot.
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