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SUBJECT: The Great Pat Metheny Songbook Back to Subjects
Oct 12 2020
at 4:19 PM
So many among Pat Metheny’s compositions have that memorable character that one normally associates with the compositions that belong in the Great American Songbook: the capacity to tell a story and to create a mood that stays with you, often for days after you listen to them. I have been intrigued by the fact that despite the original versions of these songs have such a strong character and distinctive sound, contemporary musicians have not been discouraged from embracing his songbook. This is a fact that sets him apart from many living legends: the last time I checked there were at least 250 or so renditions of Pat Metheny’s tunes). I have devoted an episode of my radio show, Mondo Jazz (on Radio Free Brooklyn/All About Jazz) exclusively to the best among these renditions. The audio and the playlists are available in two parts from these links which contain the embedded player you can listen to: and What are your favorite renditions of Pat Metheny’s songbook? I am sure that in the future an increasingly higher number of renditions will come out so I’ll be probably preparing a follow up episode in a year or so. Curious to know what you think! Be well! This is the perfect music to get us through these difficult times!
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Oct 13 2020
at 8:47 PM
Bookmark and Share I just Googled Great American Songbook and first thing I noticed is that the list may be 100percent vocals. Further research at Great American Songbook website stated that songs are from 1920’s -1950’s that were created for Broadway theatre, musical theatre or Hollywood musical film. But I agree 100percent with with you that Pat has volumes of fantastic compositions starting in 1977. I think it is highly likely and already has happened that many of Pat’s compositions will be Jazz Standards. The qualifications for Jazz Standards are Jazz compositions played and improvised by other Jazz musicians. I know that Roy Haynes has recorded James, Question And Answer, John McKee and If I Could on his records. I know other Jazz musicians have done covers of some of Pat’s songs and I know in the future many will be considered Jazz Standards.
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