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SUBJECT: From this Place- "I can’t breathe" Back to Subjects
Oct 16 2020
at 10:52 PM
Does anyone else get the shivers when you listen to this lyric of "From This Place." This song was released in January, two months before George Floyd’s killing turned these last words into the motto of a movement. Maybe the lyricist was just expressing something already in the air? Coincidences happen, more often than you think, and authentic prophecy is rare... but fun to think about. I was just listening to Wynton Marsalis latest, "The Ever Fonky Lowdown," released in 2019. One of the songs on this intensely political musical essay against the populist/facist con game has another title that takes on a new meaning this year: "We All Wear Masks."
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Oct 23 2020
at 2:20 PM
Bookmark and Share The lyricist may have simply been using the last words uttered by Eric Garner in 2014. The lyrics are beautifully sung, IMO; but, I initially considered them rather banal. So, my first response was to roll my eyes, not shiver. The lyrics are growing on me, however.
Oct 18 2020
at 10:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, let’s hope we can start breathing after Nov 3 !! After listening to Pat for 40 years, I really have to say I had to warm up to From This Place, and after listening to it for several months I am addicted. There is something hypnotic about the album, very relaxing and meditative. When I played golf this summer, the album would stream through my head, especially the second piece ‘ Wide and Far ‘ which circulates through my head repeatedly. I can’t wait to hear it in person ......
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