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Oct 26 2020
at 8:14 AM
I am sure most of you know by now that Keith Jarrett suffered a series of strokes over the last two years and essentially can no longer play the piano. It appears his performing days are over. This is a good time to listen and reflect upon his massive body of work and his overall genius. Peace and prayers.
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Oct 26 2020
at 12:09 PM
Bookmark and Share 2020 can’t end fast enough for me. Another blow to Jazz, besides all that have passed this year. I am so glad that I got to see him many times starting in the 1980’s when I heard him playing solo at The Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. This was when he did his marathon improvisation pieces (30 minute long). Then starting back in 2008, when I moved back to Chicago I saw him several times with his trio and solo. I enjoyed every show that I saw and he loved playing in Chicago because the audiences were well behaved. He has a huge discography to explore and my collection of his CD’s will keep the memories alive. It seems like every year he pulls a new live recording out of the archives. Check out A Multitude Of Angels box set, I think it is one of his best.
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