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SUBJECT: Downbeat Readers Poll 2020 Back to Subjects
Nov 03 2020
at 10:44 AM
I just received the Downbeat Digital December issue with their annual Readers Poll. I was very happy to see that Pat received first place for Guitar (1800 votes, Bill Frisell #2 with 1161 votes) and From This Place was #1 in Jazz record (1149 votes, #2 Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra 771 votes). That’s how I voted and I will very happy if my vote today is also the winner for POTUS. Great honor for Pat and the record. I am looking forward to their January 2021 issue and their Recordings of the Year (based on their critics).
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Nov 13 2020
at 11:08 AM
Bookmark and Share I am surprised that nobody here has responded to this post. Very good article and honor for Pat, no the first for sure as he always does well in Downbeat Readers Polls.
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