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Nov 06 2020
at 10:51 PM
I know Pat wrote this song long before any of the current political madness we are experiencing began, but the meaning and purpose of the title becomes more relevant every day.
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Jan 30 2021
at 9:42 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : I am very impressed that President Biden got right to work on day one and addressed many of the issues that have been ignored for the last four years. I loved seeing the pile of Executive Orders to reverse many of Trump’s actions. There is still a great division in the US, but a lot of Trump’s followers are jumping ship. I am 66 years old and 2020 was the worst year of my life and it didn’t have to happen the way it did. I am holding out hope that once again we will be the United States instead of the Divided States. Jazz unites and I can’t wait for the return of live Jazz.
Jan 29 2021
at 9:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc ...: I’ll echo your words and more !! I fear for the soul of our country, the lack of respect for truth and honesty. I’m afraid I’ve never seen it this bad in my 80 yrs . The next generation has so many hurdles, even beyond global warming and nuclear warfare etc etc
Jan 20 2021
at 11:29 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : The day The Capitol Building was stormed I working and I didn’t watch the news until the next day. I was tempted to turn of the audio and put on the movie soundtrack with Pat and David Bowie version of This Is Not America or the Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra instrumental version. No matter whether you identify as a Democrat or Republican if you are a true American, I was shocked by what happened. This is not America and this is not Democracy.
Jan 19 2021
at 9:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Hambone, I’ve been thinking a lot about Pat’s and David Bowie’s album. ....and thinking how ...25 years later ... it is the best fitting title for our times. 75percent of Republicans still think the election was rigged. ( Newsweek Poll). This is NOT America. !!!,
Nov 13 2020
at 10:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Great comment, hambone! I was just thinking about the relevance of that song title yesterday. It’s gonna take a lot to heal us and Pat’s music at this time sure helps.
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