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Dec 19 2020
at 3:28 PM
Hello, I am wondering if a SoN songbook is available, or even a chart for As It Is (not the Curnow big band arrangement)?
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Jan 19 2021
at 5:17 AM
Bookmark and Share I have both the Pat Metheny Song Book and The Pat Metheny Real Book. The Pat Metheny Song Book only goes up to Trio 99-00, but The Pat Metheny Real Book has songs from Speaking of Now. The Speaking of Now songs included in the Real Book are: Afternoon Another Life On her way You
Dec 23 2020
at 10:48 AM
Bookmark and Share The original songbook is out of stock as of this moment, and does not include Speaking Of Now. I asked the same question here months (years?) ago. I paid $50 for one big-band chart from Bob Curnow’s website. Took quite a bit of work to get what I wanted, but worth it in the end (for me). I understand your hesitation. I hope they add this someday.
Dec 20 2020
at 11:09 AM
Bookmark and Share Check out Pat’s Store, Books, Pat Metheny Song Book. The description says 167 songs from Bright Size Life to today.
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