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Feb 12 2021
at 4:11 AM
What a loss… Years and years ago I went to a Chick Corea gig that started at 8 PM. We were seated in the first row of the balcony in the venue. The concert ended at 22.30 PM but then Chick said : “if some people want to go home because the babysit is waiting or you have to catch a bus, please do, but we’re going to jam a bit more and also, we’re recording tonight, so if you want, stick around”. To this day that concert is one of my most precious musical memories ever because they finally stopped playing at 01.30 AM…!!! And because people kept on leaving we were able to move up our seat and so I ended front row, right in front of the stage, where after the gig ended, Chick took the time to approach us and talk a bit. What a loss… RIP dear sir.
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Feb 18 2021
at 6:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Devastated. His importance to jazz in specific and music in general is unmeasurable.
Feb 17 2021
at 8:04 PM
Bookmark and Share An amazing legacy. So much fantastic music. Last saw him in 2017 with the Electric Band. What a night. Thanks Chick
Feb 15 2021
at 6:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I recommend you all to check Paco de Lucía’s studio version of the song Zyryab, recorded in the album of the same title. There’s a piano solo by Chick absolutely outstanding. Lyric, beautiful, not long but neither short, not one missing note and neither one unnecessary note. He leaves his solo, there, at the top, but the best is that after Chick’s solo there’s a dialogue between Paco and Carles Benavent right to the end of the song, almost as beatiful but equally emotional. Also in that album ther is a song called Chick, dedicated to him. Another gem.
Feb 14 2021
at 9:24 PM
Bookmark and Share One of PM’s best solos is on Chick’s tune “Windows” on the Like Minds lp. Check it out: lyrical, melodic-a fitting tribute.
Feb 14 2021
at 8:20 PM
Bookmark and Share Light as a Feather was my introduction way back. More recently: Bela Fleck - "Now let’s play a little bluegrass." Chick (looking horrified - "I don’t have to marry my sister, do I?" Bela - "Of course not . . . but it helps."
Feb 12 2021
at 11:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Just found out. Crying as I listen to some all time favorites.
Feb 12 2021
at 7:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Thx Tiny Tim. Guess Lyle was waiting for him to have that super jam. One year already...
Feb 12 2021
at 11:43 AM
Bookmark and Share What a huge loss. I’d thought Chick would be active well into his 80’s. I had the privilege of seeing Chick and his Elektric Band in 1990 in Olympia, WA, then Akoustic Band at Cornell University in the Fall of 92. They were highlights of my musical life. I’ll never forget his intro to Summer Night at the Cornell concert. I’m just floored with this news.
Feb 12 2021
at 8:05 AM
Bookmark and Share Thank you for sharing this wonderful story, bxl12378.
Feb 12 2021
at 7:12 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m in tears. His music has been my greatest discovery in the past 2 years, after Pat’s. I saw him only once, about 2 years ago, in Budapest, at the first gig of the Spanish Heart Band "Antidote" tour. I was sitting in the first row with my wife, about 8 meters from him. His presence and rapport with the audience and, of course, his music were unearthly. Thank God, he left behind an amazing legacy. May your soul rest in peace where you brought your divine music from for us, Mr. Corea. Your spirit will live in our hearts forever.
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