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Feb 25 2021
at 1:36 PM
I just received an email from a Chicago suburb concert venue announcing their 2021/2022 Season. The first show is in July and will be indoors with limited capacity, social-distancing, and other safety protocols. In October they expect that they will be able to go to 100percent capacity and will adhere to required guidelines at that time (face masks?). They also said they may have to update if conditions don’t improve as expected. I will update as I hear from other Chicago venues contact me. Let’s hope the end is in sight.
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Jul 16 2021
at 5:41 PM
Bookmark and Share The Chicago Symphony Center finally made an announcement regarding a 2021 Jazz show. Herbie Hancock will be performing there in September. I was told via email the last Tuesday (July 13th) that they were going to announce the 2021 Season (all genres). The only Jazz show on the 2021 Calendar was Herbie. Yesterday I called Patron Services and was told that was the only Jazz show for the year. In September they will announce the 2022 Jazz Series (January - June). It will be five shows. I also visited the Kennedy Center (Washington DC) website and they said their Jazz Series will be announced in early August. They usually have over a dozen Jazz shows each season in their various venues. Jason Moran is the Director for the Jazz Series so he gets a good variety of Jazz groups.
Jun 26 2021
at 9:37 AM
Bookmark and Share I received another email update yesterday from Marc Morvan regarding more Pat gigs. October 1st at the Irvine Barclay Theatre (UCI) in Irvine CA and October 12th at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis MN. Morvan gets his information from Pat’s booking agency. An updated concert list is at their website. There still a lot of open dates to fill so stand by for more updates.
Jun 18 2021
at 4:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Hello all, I would like to add that Pat will be at the Mesa Center For The Arts on Sunday October 3rd.This is great news as I have not seen Pat live since 2016.I have not seen a concert since 2019 when i saw Squeeze.So for this year I have tickets for Side Eye, The Tubes and King Crimson. I can’t wait for these shows.Lets celebrate live music again and also congrats to the Great Todd Rundgren for making the Hall of Fame!!
Jun 17 2021
at 11:08 AM
Bookmark and Share This morning I noticed an update at Pat’s Schedule (above). Side-Eye will beat the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee WI on October 14th. Pabst is a great old theater where I saw the PMG back in the 80’s. There may be more new dates. I keep checking several times a week.
Jun 10 2021
at 8:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Anybody else here going to the Chicago shows? Any announcements in shows in your area?
Jun 02 2021
at 10:28 PM
Bookmark and Share I just noticed Pat’s Schedule link here has been updated. Chicago is on there and I think at least one more date this year has been added. Look for more gaps in the schedule being filled soon. Pat’s agent said Milwaukee WI will be announced soon.
Jun 02 2021
at 10:22 PM
Bookmark and Share The other day the Old Town School of Folk Music announced Pat Metheny Side-Eye tickets are going on sale June 2nd. The show will be at Thalia Hall (my least favorite venue in the Chicago area). I bought a OTSFM Membership so I could purchase my ticket before they go on sale to the general public. I got my ticket this morning as soon as they went on sale. I purchased a seat in the premium seating area (first few rows). The ticket was $86 + $16 service charge. I’ve spent more to see Pat. The venue is very good, it’s just all the other BS (general admission, waiting in long lines to get in and other issues) that makes me not like it. I look forward to the show, as always with Pat.
May 31 2021
at 6:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat’s coming to Dallas on February 26, 2022. Already got my tickets - 3rd row center!!!
May 29 2021
at 3:12 PM
Bookmark and Share I received another email from marc morvan’s website regarding a new update to Pat’s schedule. November 4th 2021 The Flying Monkey in Plymouth NH. I clicked on the link and I confirmed that Side-Eye is booked and tickets are available. Looks like typical pattern of scheduling shows by region. Several shows scheduled for East & Northeast already.
May 28 2021
at 8:51 PM
Bookmark and Share I just received a notice from SFJAZZ - they are re- opening this September! Don’t yet know at what capacity, but I do know that Pat is scheduled for two nights (9/25 & 9/26) and I will be at both! Tickets go on-sale in July.
May 28 2021
at 10:05 AM
Bookmark and Share More updates from Chicago regarding live Jazz. SPACE announced a Marc Ribot (solo) show in November. I got my ticket today. Yesterday I spoke to the Chicago Symphony Center Patron Services. They will be announcing their 2021/2022 Jazz Series lineup in June. They told me if I have been subscriber to the series I will be able to keep my seat. Hopefully Pat’s Side-Eye will be coming there.
May 21 2021
at 10:34 PM
Bookmark and Share I just received an email from Marc Morvan (Pat Metheny Database website) regarding a rescheduled Side-Eye show in San Diego. It’s a the Raby Shell At Jacobs Park (Embarcadero). Looks like the San Diego Symphony Center runs the venue. The shell-like structure over the stage is huge and really cool looking. Seats are on the lawn. Sounds like a great venue. Pat is there September 30th.
May 19 2021
at 11:14 PM
Bookmark and Share I received an email from Julian Lage regarding his Fall US tour. I noticed his trio will be coming to SPACE in October (Evanston IL). The venue has some upcoming shows in next couple months, but the are limited capacity and you can’t buy single seats at the reserved tables. They told me this show would be full capacity and single table seats would be available. If you are not familiar with Julian, check him out. Last five years he has been in the top five on Downbeat’s Critics Poll for Guitarists. I am waiting for more announcements at SPACE and other Chicago venues.
May 06 2021
at 9:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Several more updates today in Chicago live music. The Jazz Showcase, my top club for live Jazz currently has Chicago based bands booked until July and starting in August national acts have been booked for the rest of the year. SPACE in Evanston, who books multiple music genres also starts booking national acts in August (full capacity?). The University of Chicago Logan Center won’t have a 2021/2022 Jazz Series but will sell individual shows this Fall, Winter and in the Spring of 2022. Last is the Ravinia Festival season (July thru September) multi genres, minimal Jazz with social distancing in the covered pavilion and also on the Lawn. I am still waiting for the Chicago Symphony Center to announce their 2021/2022 Jazz Series. That would be my choice for Pat Metheny Side-Eye to play. It looks like several venues are limiting the length of the shows, which would suck for Pat. He could do a ninety minute show with a two hour encore.
May 04 2021
at 8:35 AM
Bookmark and Share I just heard from a reliable source that Pat will be announcing additional US tour dates for 2021 very soon. Stand by for updates here or from me.
Apr 26 2021
at 11:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Saturday night I watched the Bill Frisell Trio Live Stream concert from the Keystone Korner Baltimore. They reopened this month for live shows so there was an audience though all could see of it was a couple in the first row. The Jazz Showcase (Chicago( reopened in April and through August only has local acts, but hopes to book out of town shows in September. The Green Mill (Chicago) has reopened and has local acts booked in April and May, no word on when national acts will appear on their calendar. Looks like the clubs are slowly reopening and large venues announcements coming soon. Will update when I hear more news. I think Pat will be announcing a lot more US shows to fill in the gaps in his schedule. I hope Chicago will be on his list.
Apr 14 2021
at 11:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Today I received two emails from Chicago and Evanston venues regarding their reopening plans. SPACE a venue in Evanston (Fred Simon has played here) plans to open for indoor shows in the Fall. They will comply with all Covid-19 restrictions at that time. In a good year I may see 10 or 12 Jazz shows there in a year. Bill Frisell and John Scofield have played there several times. PianoForte in Chicago a small (100 seat) very nice venue is starting concerts this month. At this time they are limiting capacity to 25 people. They occasionally have some Jazz shows with nationally known musicians. I am still waiting for announcements from my two venues that have Jazz Series that start in October and end in June. When I hear more I will post here.
Apr 08 2021
at 9:02 AM
Bookmark and Share franksexton : Last night I went online to check on the Detroit Jazz Festival lineup announcement. The good news is that the DJF is going to happen, but the lineup isn’t great for me. I may only go on Sunday and Monday. I am waiting for the Chicago Symphony Center to announce their 2021-2022 Jazz Series and the DC Jazz Festival to announce their lineup. Some great acts will be at the DJF, Abdullah Ibrahim and Ekaya, Kenny Barron, AZIZA (Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke and Eric Harland), a Charlie Parker @ 100 tribute band, Dave Brubeck @100 tribute band, Anat Cohen Tentet, Kenny Garrett and a few more.
Apr 03 2021
at 6:28 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : Good news from you. Regarding your granddaughters, checkout my Post Great Young Pianist. They should appreciate the interview and what he says about Jazz music. Also turn them on to Sullivan Fortner, Christian Sands, Emmett Cohen, Jason Moran and Keith Jarret (including his Classical and solo piano). I hope I get a chance to see Pat and Side-Eye this year. If they aren’t booked in my area this year or early 2022 I might have to make a road trip (or air trip). Last time I saw that trio it was a great show, this time with new material and playing experience it should be even greater.
Apr 02 2021
at 10:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc .... yes, I am definitely going for front row seats at the Crest and still a bunch available.. The only question is how many, since my wife could possibly be out of town in which case I’ll find a substitute ... I know a Berklee grad musician down the street. I’ve been listening to Road to the Sun and now really warming up to the peaceful and melodic tones. I was listening to Map of The World today and in a way had that same effect on me. My two granddaughters in college are classical pianists, I tried to steer them to be Joey’s counterparts but simply too classical. Joey is great !
Apr 01 2021
at 10:45 AM
Bookmark and Share I just received an email from Joey DeFrancesco regarding his appearance at the Exit Zero Jazz Festival in Cape May NJ April 23-25. He also listed several other gigs, but no details. Also an email from the Keystone Korner Baltimore has announced their April schedule (live not Live Stream). It looks like more Jazz clubs are safely reopening this Spring. At least five Jazz clubs in Chicago have reopened with live music, but so far only local bands have been scheduled. It may be a while before national performers will be booked. I think it’s going to happen by September when most of the US Jazz festivals start and when the indoor venues Jazz series start. The year is looking better for live Jazz.
Mar 28 2021
at 10:39 AM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : I visited the Crest Theatre website and noticed that tickets are available for Pat Metheny’s Side-Eye. Have you bought yours yet? I also noticed it’s a 2 1/2 hour show. It looks like Pat has composed new songs for the band.
Mar 27 2021
at 11:23 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan Great news for you, let’s hope it happens. I am guessing it will be the new edition of Side-Eye with James Francies and Joe Dyson on drums. In 2019 I saw the first edition with Francies and Marcus Gilmore. It was my favorite band/show that year (out of 235 bands). Joe Dyson is a great young drummer who I have seen with Donald Harrison’s bands. Every year he seems to get better and better. In 2019 I saw him with the Donny McCaslin Trio and he was fantastic. In Pat’s last article in Downbeat magazine (December 2020) Pat spoke very highly about both James and Joe. He also said he has been composing and finishing composing new music for the band. Hopefully I will get to see them somewhere this year or 2022. DJF still is a maybe, depends on the rest of the lineup. CD Jazz Festival is a maybe also, waiting for lineup. I saw Pat’s Quartet at the Kennedy Center several years back.
Mar 27 2021
at 9:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc.... I am so thankful and excited ! Pat’s first concert back to the US from Norway will be in Sacramento at the end of September ! Can’t wait, it is so significant after this crazy Covid year and everything else . Am so impressed how Pat covers the world circuit and may possibly be better appreciated in other countries. I rarely bump into other jazz fans, and almost never Pat fans. I don’t understand it, but then true music appreciation is not a popular sport in this country. Anyone else plann8ng on doing the Sacramento concert out there ?? After that, it’s Detroit, for you Marc !
Mar 25 2021
at 12:06 PM
Bookmark and Share I just received an email from friend regarding this year’s Chicago Jazz Festival. The City of Chicago cut the CJF funding in half and only one night out of four will be live. In previous years even at 100percent budget the CJF lineups were weak. A lot of local acts, Avant Garde acts and bands I had already seen earlier that year. I usually went to the Detroit Jazz Festival instead which had a much better lineup. As I said in my previous Post I may not go to the DJF this year unless the rest of the lineup is better. There is a chance that the Ron Carter & Pat Metheny duo would play there again. Ron is from Detroit and performs at the DJF often. Pat’s Side-Eye band is already booked at a venue in Detroit later this year, so I don’t think they would be at the DJF. Some more signs that things are opening up.
Mar 24 2021
at 11:18 PM
Bookmark and Share I have several updates already. I received an email today regarding the 2021 Detroit Jazz Festival. Dee Dee Bridgewater will be the Artist-In-Residence and they usually play with different bands all four nights. April 7th they have a live performance by Dee Dee and the festival lineups will be announced. I also visited the Newport Jazz Festival (Rhode Island) and Monterey Jazz Festival (California). The Newport Jazz Festival will happen this year, but with Covid-19 restrictions to be announced soon along with their lineup. It looks like the Monterrey Jazz Festival is scheduled for late September, but the details are very confusing. The lineup for the Montreal Jazz Festival has been announced, but also isn’t real clear if all the acts are confirmed. Also today I received an email from the Keystone Korner Baltimore saying they will resume with live Jazz starting in April. They have a list of bands but no dates for most of them.
Mar 24 2021
at 10:36 AM
Bookmark and Share I just visited some websites of major indoor music venues in the US. The Kennedy Center in Washington DC has cancelled all shows through the Summer and have made no announcements on events starting in the Fall. No news from the Chicago Symphony Center yet on 2021/2022 Jazz Series. Both Jazz At Lincoln Center (NYC) and SFJAZZ Center (San Francisco) have no live shows scheduled for 2021 at this time. Dizzy’s Club at Jazz At Lincoln Center will resume shows in April. My understanding is it is a smaller venue at the Center. I think our best hope for this Summer and beyond will be the outdoor Jazz festivals in the US. If that’s the case I may try to make it to several Jazz festivals.
Mar 23 2021
at 10:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve posted here in the past about the Berks Jazzfest ,which has been in existence since 1990. Last year was cancelled like others were, but this year’s 30th anniversary fest is scheduled for August 13th-22nd. Berks county is a suburb of Philly and not where you would expect a music fest of this magnitude to happen. But the quality of musicians who come to play every year is top-notch and touch all forms of jazz. This year includes Randy Brecker, Eric Marienthal, David and Brian Bromberg, Gerald Albright, Chuck Loeb, Keith Carlock, Dean Brown,Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, Jonathon Butler, The Brubeck Brothers, Jim Beard and many more. The venues are up-close-and-personal and the musicians are very accessible after the shows. Tickets are modestly priced and there is ample hotels space for those who travel. Bassist Gerald Veasley holds a midnight jam on both weekends Friday and Saturday that bring many of the musicians together in an open free for all. Pat has played here in Reading where the events take place a few times although not for the jazzfest. Maybe one year. It’s definitely worth the trip for those who can make it.
Mar 20 2021
at 5:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I received an email the other day that said the DC Jazz Fest will be happening this year September 1-5. They usually have the festival in June. They are going to announce the lineup in April and promise NEA Jazz Masters and local acts. I went one year and saw Pat Metheny New Quartet at the Kennedy Center, Roy Haynes and the Fountain of Youth Band / Ron Carter and Russell Malone Duo at the Howard Theater and attended a talk and Q & A with Pat at a small auditorium. I also had tickets to Blues Alley for the Joey DeFrancesco Trio at Blues Alley, but a pipe broke at the club and they cancelled the show. It may be the same weekend as the Detroit Jazz Festival, so I may have a decision to make. I will update when I hear more about both festivals. I am optimistic that live music will be back this Summer or Fall. I I
Mar 18 2021
at 8:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Quick update : Jazz Showcase is doing local acts in April. May schedule not posted yet.
Mar 18 2021
at 10:40 AM
Bookmark and Share I just got an email from the Jazz Showcase (Chicago) my favorite Jazz club is reopening April 1st. Not sure of the specifics regarding local or national musicians, but will update when I know. Also heard on local news that Ravinia Festival an outdoor music venue in Chicago suburbs will open in July (normal start month). They usually have several Jazz acts every year. I am ready to go and will do whatever I have to do to attend live Jazz again. I have a large assortment of Jazz musician Face Masks (John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius, Ron Carter, Duke Ellington and Sonny Rollins). I am getting my first Covid-19 Vaccination tomorrow. I should be ready to go. I will post any other venue reopenings here as I receive them.
Mar 06 2021
at 8:26 PM
Bookmark and Share I just noticed at this web in "News", that Pat has rescheduled the South American dates until December 2021. The band will be the quartet with Linda May Han Oh, Antonio Sanchez and Gwilym Simcock. It looks like some new dates for Europe also for 2022. Let’s hope he has room for the US this year. Any band with Pat works for me.
Feb 28 2021
at 8:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Marc .... for giving us some hope ... for me, it’s October in Sacramento, his first concert back from his lengthy international tour. I had tickets for the Stuart Fl concert a week ago which never materialized, and they promised me next year ... yet I don’t see it above in Pat’s 2022 schedule. I am so tired of the word ‘pandemic’ I could scream ! Hopefully we can learn some lessons about immunity and health in general. Thanks for always keeping us informed Metheny fans !!!
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