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Mar 11 2021
at 11:41 PM
I just finished watching two sets of Antonio Sanchez with Scott Colley and Chris Potter at the Jazz Gallery in NYC. Both sets were excellent. As usual Antonio blew me away and Chris and Scott killed it. Mostly power trio Jazz, high energy music. After the second set they had Q & A with Antonio. Antonio answered my emailed question about his favorite group configuration. You can watch the show Friday night on YouTube. You have to purchase the ticket at their website It’s worth the $20 charge. The Q & A will be available at their website soon.
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Mar 22 2021
at 12:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Did anyone here at American Garage catch the Live Stream? If you want to hear one tune from one of the sets go to YouTube Videos. Search : Leviathan performed live with Chris Potter and Scott Colley at the Jazz Gallery. I didn’t watch it, but both sets were excellent. The three of them have performed together many times so they were very tight. Both Chris and Potter playing on various Antonio records (CDs).
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