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Mar 24 2021
at 9:35 PM
With Pat’s music taking us all on a different journey over the last few decades, especially with the recent release of "Road To The Sun" utilizing the amazing classical guitarist Jason Vieaux and Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - what other artists could Pat continue to write for/collaborate outside of his solo releases/group projects that could continue to carry the torch? I think artists like Eric Johnson, Nir Felder, Jimmy Herring, Satana, even Jeff Beck could collaborate or even take a swipe at some of Pat’s catalog and take it down a rabbit hole.
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Mar 25 2021
at 11:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I think a Jazz big band would be a great project for both the band and Pat. First one that comes to mind is Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra, now led by Carla Bley. One of their last records did a great version of This Is Not America and Charlie and Pat had a long and special relationship. Pat could write some great new compositions and Carla is a great arranger. Another cool possible project could be with The Westerlies, a quartet (two trombones and two trumpets) especially because Pat’s first instrument was trumpet. Also his brother Mike plays trumpet. I am also trying to thing of another musician that would equal the John Zorn Tap record. That was a combination that I never would have thought of that ended up another Pat masterpiece and one of my favorite records by Pat.
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