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Apr 11 2021
at 12:10 PM
Last week I received the May issue of Downbeat magazine and saw they had reviewed "Road To The Sun". In each issue they select four records for the Hot Box, which are reviewed by four critics. One does a lengthy review and the others are just a few sentences. The main review really nailed it mentioning Pat’s ability to write excellent long form compositions and said his "nuanced writing rather than his virtuosic playing" is at the heart of the record. She gave it a 4 Star rating (Excellent) and had a lot of nice things to say about the recording. Two of the critics in the Hot Box gave it 4 Stars and the third gave it 3 1/2 stars (Very Good). one of them said "two brilliant compositions" and several pointed out Pat’s Arvo Part arrangement was excellent.
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Jun 03 2021
at 11:19 AM
Bookmark and Share I just received my July Downbeat Digital edition. They published my letter to the editor (Chords & Discords) where I reviewed the reviews of Road To The Sun. That’s my sixth letter to be published by Downbeat. In 2020 I had three letters printed.
May 09 2021
at 7:30 PM
Bookmark and Share Road To The Sun knocked me out completely on the first listen, and it has only gotten better with (many) repeated listenings. Pat has always struck me as a great composer, as much as he is a great performer. No one else could have conceived much less pulled off a project such as this. There are moments on this recording that are just astounding to me, such as the transition in Four Paths, Part 2, at about three minutes in, where Pat’s composition works its way out of a corner and back to the theme. Pure harmonic magic.
Apr 26 2021
at 9:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, indeed, it was very classical for Pat . I think it took many of us a few listens to appreciate the compositions. I was thinking the other day it would have been cool if Pat had orchestrated classical versions of tunes like ‘ Half life of absolution’ ‘. or ‘ ‘’’ Thirdwind’ ‘ for the quartet.. .... If not just for us old addicted Metheny fans....
Apr 23 2021
at 1:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Almost all on Pat’s albums are that way. There’s so much going in that you just have to take int in and know that it will blossom with more details and ideas with each listening.
Apr 23 2021
at 12:20 AM
Bookmark and Share It took me a few listens to really appreciate what Pat achieved with Road To The Sun. Like Duke Ellington and other master Jazz composers Pat composed music for the talent and strengths of the Classical guitarists that were going to play the music. I heard very little if any of Pat’s distinct playing or composing for the Jason Vieaux piece and LA Guitar Quartet composition. The Arvo Part piece sounded like Pat. The May Downbeat reviewed it for The Hot Box (one lengthy review and three brief reviews) and three critics gave it four Stars (Excellent) and one 3 1/2 Stars (Very Good). The long review said "two brilliant compositions. I agree completely.
Apr 16 2021
at 10:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc .... I’m a jazz fan, for a few years a classical quartet fan.. But Pat’s new album threw me a bit, it’s hard core classical. It’s taken me more than a few listens to wrap my head around it. ... and when I need peace and contemplation as I’m driving down the freeway, I totally connect .. Beautiful notes and chords when you listen ... and a new look at Pat’s broad versatility in today’s music world. Unfortunately, it will go over most people’s heads...
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