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Apr 19 2021
at 9:18 PM
After 50 years it’s become obvious that Pat and his music, his collaborators, his albums, his sounds and his travels are becoming infinitely diverse... imagine being Pat at 17, an inspired musician so much that he was ‘invited’ to U of Miami and Berklee ... and from there infinite music of every genre.... jazz yes, if you really want a common definition ... but more than that. Oh, well, I predict Pat has at least another 20 years of infinite versatility in him ,,
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Jun 30 2021
at 3:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Kooltrane : As of today my tally for Pat’s shows is four states, and eighteen cities. My total count is 50 + shows and tickets for the next in October in Chicago. All of them memorable and always great.
Jun 30 2021
at 3:48 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : I just checked out the Pat Metheny Database (marc morvan) for the 1977 PMG shows at Amazingrace (Evanston IL). Pat did four nights in a row (2 shows each night) with a special edition of the PMG with local and NYC musicians). Four nights in a row (2 shows) with the Gary Burton Group and another four nights (2 shows) with PMG (Lyle, Mark and Danny) and at the end of the year three night straight (2 shows). He told me he liked that place.
Jun 26 2021
at 9:52 AM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : My ultimate or GOAT Pat concert experience still is when I saw him three nights out of four when Pat was the Artist-In-Residence at the Detroit Jazz Festival. The first night was with Pat’s Trio (plus Kenny Garrett for several tunes), Pat with the Gary Burton Quartet and the last night was Pat with his US debut of the Eberhard Weber tribute. I had planned to catch Pat with Ron Carter Duo, but I fell while entering the venue and missed the show. I talked to Pat after the show the last night.
Jun 25 2021
at 6:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Since 1980 I’ve seen PM 6x in 6 different places. From Greenville SC to NYC to Florence, Italy and places in between. He is the original Road Warrior.
Jun 24 2021
at 8:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry my estimate was wrong, but he still tours more than anyone I can think of. In 1978 Pat had 155 plus shows and at least once he had ten nights in a row. Pat has held up really well with all that mileage behind him. We are the same age, but he is in much better shape. Music keeps you young and mind sharp.
Jun 23 2021
at 5:40 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : I can’t think of anyone else, even other genres. When Pat first started touring with the PMG back in the late 70’s and 80’s he was probably touring 300 + days a year. Check out the Pat Metheny Database (Marc Morvan) for Concert dates year by year. Pretty amazing that he kept that pace for all that time to the present. I think Pat will be announcing more US shows for this year to fill in the gaps. He seems to be able to book shows and work his way across the country from East to West very efficiently. I have seen his Tour Bus several times. It looks very comfortable and cool. I think he tours a little less now than in the past because of his family. The year he was the Artist-In- Residence at the Detroit Jazz Festival his family was with him. I expect him to be going on extensive tours another 20 to 30 years. Maybe AARP will sponsor the tour.
Jun 22 2021
at 12:38 AM
Bookmark and Share I counted about 100 Metheny concerts i the next 10. Months..... and that’s like 10 different countries and 10 different states approx .... so I’m wondering how many air miles or simply miles he must put in and how many places he sleeps in the world. Is there any performer you know who endures (and enjoys) such a schedule ????
Apr 22 2021
at 6:19 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : I agree that Pat has another 20 years or more left in him. I can’t even imagine on the musical journeys he will take us on in the future. As he said in a recent article he has a sound in his head of how he wants to play and he is only 25 percent of the way there. I have been following Pat since 1977 and it has been an incredible and rewarding experience the entire time.
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