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Apr 19 2021
at 9:18 PM
After 50 years it’s become obvious that Pat and his music, his collaborators, his albums, his sounds and his travels are becoming infinitely diverse... imagine being Pat at 17, an inspired musician so much that he was ‘invited’ to U of Miami and Berklee ... and from there infinite music of every genre.... jazz yes, if you really want a common definition ... but more than that. Oh, well, I predict Pat has at least another 20 years of infinite versatility in him ,,
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Apr 22 2021
at 6:19 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan : I agree that Pat has another 20 years or more left in him. I can’t even imagine on the musical journeys he will take us on in the future. As he said in a recent article he has a sound in his head of how he wants to play and he is only 25 percent of the way there. I have been following Pat since 1977 and it has been an incredible and rewarding experience the entire time.
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