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Apr 26 2021
at 11:43 PM
I just read a great article at the Jazz Times website. "Pat Metheny Talks Composition with John Pizzarelli" is the article. Pat and John talk about Road To The Sun and John’s record of solo guitar arrangements of some Pat’s compositions. It was interesting to read about their mutual admiration and also how John’s father Bucky appreciated Pat’s playing. Bucky also was impressed by Pat’s guitar arsenal and had names for them. Very good and intersting article worth checking out.
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Jun 03 2021
at 10:43 PM
Bookmark and Share I just received the July Downbeat Digital issue and read another article on John Pizzarelli’s new record of Pat’s music. The interview took place at the Detroit Jazz Festival in 2019. During the interview John was excited when he saw Pat heading backstage before his performance with Ron Carter. John was a huge fan of Pat and his music. The interviewer said John is a very nice and personable person, just like his late father Bucky. John and his wife have a very good radio show, that I need to check out.
May 01 2021
at 8:44 AM
Bookmark and Share I received the print issue of the May Jazz Times yesterday. It has the same article on Pat with an additional article where Jason Vieaux and in a member of the LA Guitar Quartet talk about Pat’ extensive input during the recording of Road To The Sun. Very interesting insight into Pat’s composing and production talents. Worth buying the issue as it has some great photos of Pat especially on the cover.
Apr 29 2021
at 11:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the info on the interview. After reading the interview I had to checkout John’s versions of some of Pat’s songs. Ended up purchasing a copy, because it’s has the feel of having a master guitar player in your living room playing these songs, worts and all... Not overly produced but the feeling is there - and on a 7 string guitar. I can definitely can hear the difference. Also check out the 4/14 podcast with Pat on tracks-pat-metheny-enters-the-world-of-classical-guitar/. A great 50 minute interview.
Apr 28 2021
at 3:11 PM
Bookmark and Share His new album Better Days Ahead is really nice. Runs the gamut of Pat’s pieces. Amazing sound from the 7-string guitar. So sad that he lost his dad Bucky and his mom almost exactly one week to the hour apart from Covid. The new album just seems like a prayer for them and hope for the future for John and his family. So cool that once Pat heard about what he was doing he sent over a ton of his sheet music. All in all, the new album is a much needed balm for these times.
Apr 27 2021
at 9:04 AM
Bookmark and Share One of the best Metheny interviews I’ve ever read!
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