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Apr 28 2021
at 3:45 AM
Pat confirmed at the Eventim Apollo 12th June 2022! Tickets on sale now.
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Jun 02 2021
at 7:53 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m booked in too. Looking forward even though it’s a while off ......
May 31 2021
at 7:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Hammersmith Odeon too. Best music venue in London
May 02 2021
at 1:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Got my ticket. It seems like a very long way off but certainly feels good just to know I’m going to see him again. I know we’re all biased here but in my opinion there is an exhilarating feeling which I get at Pat Metheny concerts unlike any other. A little plus for me is that it’s the Side Eye, which I’ve yet to witness.
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