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May 04 2021
at 8:10 AM
This song from ‘From This Place’ has quickly and very powerfully become one of my favorites by Pat. Linda Oh’s and Antonio’s playing just knocks me out. After strongly hinting of Last Train Home’ Pat introduces the beautiful melody that Linda Oh restates and embellishes in her solo. Antonio starts to heat up beneath Pat’s 2nd solo and his thundering and crashing continues to build to a dramatic climax and tension released, the song ends quietly as it began. For me it’s the highlight of a beautiful recording and deserving of entry in Pat’s recording pantheon.
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May 31 2021
at 7:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, as Ricky says below it’s very difficult to pick a favourite from this record. Each song and arrangement is at the highest level.
May 29 2021
at 10:28 PM
Bookmark and Share jcoyle231 : It’s hard for me to pick my favorite tune on From This Place. All the compositions, arrangements and playing by all are excellent. I also look at as another long-form record by Pat like The Way Up and Road To The Sun. I find it best when listened to start to finish and listening closely (best in a dark room and eyes closed). Linda May Han Oh, Antonio Sanchez, Gwilym Simcock and Pat are an excellent band and Pat’s compositions bring out their best playing and improvising. One of my favorite Pat records for sure. I have high expectations for the new material for Side-Eye and look forward to seeing him this year, hopefully in Chicago. I think Joe Dyson will impress all of Pat’s fans.
May 23 2021
at 11:00 AM
Bookmark and Share jcoyle231 : Amazingrace was a really cool venue, old-school (70’s) coffeehouse with all genres of music. At the time was probably the top place in the Chicago area to see live music in an intimate space. When I met and talked to Pat backstage in 2015 I talked to him about Amazingrace. He said that he loved playing there and he never so a venue like it anywhere. The only seats were in a small balcony and you sat on the floor in front of the stage. Check out the Northwestern University Amazingrace Archives for a list of who performed there. Very impressive list of musicians and comedians. The early years the venue was on campus. I have a lot of great memories of Amazingrace, all of them with the Pat Metheny Group. I currently live a block from it’s last location, which is where I went. That was the first place that I saw Pat and that was one of the first places to book Pat on his own. He previously played there several times with the Gary Burton Quartet.
May 22 2021
at 1:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Marc: My introduction to PMG live was in ‘84 at the Mann Theater, in Philly. I had heard “If I Could” played on the Penn radio station and used to request it so I got tickets when the concert was announced. Hearing “First Circle” live pretty much changed my life and concert going habits. It was one of the most moving experiences of my life and, unfortunately, my wife was not similarly smitten. When the Group would tour I would go to every show in PA or NJ and my youngest daughter is a big fan and has gone to several shows and will be going with me to see the Side-Eye show in November.
May 15 2021
at 10:58 PM
Bookmark and Share jcoyle231 : Online interview at Jazz Times website may not have the interview with Jason Vieaux and LA Guitar Quartet musician. If you can pickup the print edition. Next time I see Side-Eye (hopefully this year) I expect a great show. Status quo from Pat. If I had ticket stubs from all of Pat’s shows I have seen, I would need a very large frame for them. I wish I had a ticket stub from my first shows at Amazingrace in Evanston IL. Ticket was probably $5 to $10 back in 1977.
May 14 2021
at 8:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Marc. I’ll look for the interview online. I’m so happy to be seeing him again that I’ll be happy with half-way written songs. I hope the crowd is bigger than the last time I saw him at this venue. He was with Brad Mehldau and it was only 1/3 full. Wish I had kept all the ticket stubs from the shows of his I went to going back to ‘84.
May 13 2021
at 10:57 PM
Bookmark and Share jcoyle231 : I just checked the December Downbeat article/interview with Pat. He said he has about seventy half-way written songs for Side-Eye and he is hoping to get ten good ones. He said that’s his batting average. Ever humble and funny. He also sets high standards for himself and that’s why his records are always great.
May 13 2021
at 9:34 AM
Bookmark and Share I, too, caught the Side-Eye tour in 2019 and though I would have liked to see him with Oh, Simcock, and Sanchez I know I won’t be disappointed. Anxious to hear live songs from ‘From This Place.’
May 10 2021
at 11:15 PM
Bookmark and Share jcoyle231 : I am pretty sure it is Side-Eye with James Francies on piano, keyboards and Synth Bass and Joe Dyson on drums. Joe is an excellent young drummer that was on Pat’s radar. I have seen him many times with Donald Harrison and in 2020 with Donny McCaslin’s trio. Every time I have seen him he gets better and better. It should be a great show. I saw Side-Eye in 2019 with James Francies and Marcus Gilmore (drums). It was an excellent show and my favorite show that year (185 bands). I read in Pat’s Downbeat article that he has written a lot of new songs for the trio and was trying to select the best ones.
May 10 2021
at 8:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, rickys. There is always one song on a recording of his that I fix on and play over and over till I know every note. I came to Sixty-six after repeated playings of the recording. I was so happy to hear that Pat will be on tour this year and I’ve got tickets to see him in Philly in November. Curious to know who he’s coming with.
May 09 2021
at 7:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Totally agree....this is an incredible composition. I gotta tell you though....I’ve listened to this album hundreds of times and since it was released my favorite track has changed multiple times. First it was Wide and Far, then Sixty Six, then Same River, now Pathmaker. Such is the magic of Pat’s compositions; there is just so much going on it takes multiple listenings for the magic to unfold in all it’s glory.
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