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SUBJECT: John Pizzarelli Better Days Ahead album Back to Subjects
May 25 2021
at 10:08 PM
Curious what other Pat fans think about this album and John’s take on PM tunes. I’ve been enjoying it. Been a big PM since the 70’s and first saw the PMG at the Telluride Jazz Fest back then.
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Jun 14 2021
at 11:59 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m enjoying it as well, but prefer similar solo recordings from Jason Vieaux and Peo Alfonsi.
May 26 2021
at 2:24 PM
Bookmark and Share i have heard john’s better days ahead album and have always been a huge JP fan . . . . album sounds great . . . . it really displays, however, just what a rare GIANT that PM is because as incredible a guitarist as john is, some of pat’s guitaristic machinations sound a little ’awkward’ for JP to navigate . . . . that’s not meant as a criticism of john pizzarelli - more of a tip-o-the-cap to pat!! as an aside, was thinking the other day that i’d dig to hear pat and christian scott do something together, with robert glasper on piano, too! maybe some logan richardson thrown in, plus dejohnette and swallow. sumpin’ like that. boy, would that be fun! have recently been (re)discovering christian scott’s stuff, something i’ve meant to do for a while now, and they are really some incredibly ’awake’ musical events - every time out!!
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