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SUBJECT: Ron Carter Interviews Pat Back to Subjects
Jun 20 2021
at 6:52 PM
I just found four YouTube videos where Ron Carter Interviews Pat Metheny. Search "Ron Carter Interviews Pat Metheny". I watched two so far and will watch the other tonight. So far they are very good. Ron and Pat have a history playing together and a mutual admiration for each other. I spoke to Ron several times at the Detroit Jazz Festival when he was Artist-In-Residence. Very nice guy and sharp dresser, always wears beautiful suits. When he and Pat do their duo shows Ron gets Pat to wear a suit or jacket.
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Jun 23 2021
at 12:46 PM
Bookmark and Share I finally watched the last two interviews today. Very well done interviews. In one of them Pat said a gig starts for him four hours before the show. I was not surprised by this comment. Pat has always seemed like he is a perfectionist and wants to put on nothing less than a great show. Many years ago at a gig at the Jazz Showcase when it was in the Blackstone Hotel I saw him returning to the hotel after his pre-concert run. I think he still does the same routine now. I am sure a lot of mental and physical preparation is done in those four hours before the giog.
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