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Jul 22 2021
at 10:47 PM
In the July/August issue of Jazz Times there is a great article on Jazz guitarist Pasquale Grasso. The author of the article listened to Grasso’s EPs Solo Standards, Solo Ballads, Solo Monk, Solo Bud Powell and Solo Bird. He said listening to these solo recordings two aural illusions emerged, that a pair of Virtuoso guitarist were in synchronous dialogue and that Grasso’s nimble fingers had transformed his guitar strings into 88 piano keys. Pat Metheny was quoted in a 2016 Vintage Guitar magazine article saying that Grasso was "the best guitar player I’ve heard maybe in my entire life." "I am often prone to enthusiastic" I just watched several videos of Grasso playing solo Standards & Ballads. Incredible playing that reminds me of Joe Pass. Check out the spread of the fingers of his Left hand on the guitar’s neck.
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