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Jul 25 2021
at 4:41 PM
I just got my tickets for Pat’s new tour at the Paramount Theatre in Denver. I have seen Pat so many times in concert and have everything he has ever done. I live in Boulder and have seen him here in the Boulder Theatre a number of times over the years. His music moves and transports me emotionally in amazing, inspiring and profoundly somber ways; I guess what you could call sacred places for a lack of better words. My favorite two CDs are Beyond the Missouri Sky and The Map of the World. I have given both CDs to people over time and have always received great accolades from them. But, the Map of the World cd has the capacity to bring great solace to myself in the early death of my beautiful 20 year-old son in 2017 and several others I have know with these kind of life changing tragedies. Excited to see you Pat and these great new young musicians at the Paramount Theatre!!! I hope you know your music addresses and heals the soul.
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Oct 25 2021
at 8:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Last night I caught the Joey DeFrancesco Trio at the Jazz Showcase. His drummer in the new trio is Anwar Marshall (first drummer in Side-Eye). I had a nice conversation with him between the shows. Anwar told me that James Francies recommended him to Pat. Pat asked him to come to his house/recording studio to just play duos. Anwar said that he taped the five hour session. I told him that Joe Dyson said that Pat treats his band and crew very well. He said that Pat's crew has been with him since the late 70’s. Anwar was excellent last night for both shows. I can see why Pat picked him for Side- Eye 1.0.
Oct 19 2021
at 11:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Spoiler Alert : If you have tickets for the tour you are going to hear a great show. I caught the show last Friday in Chicago and it was excellent. Pat played many of his "hits" at slower tempos and his guitar playing was beautiful. I have heard musicians say it is harder to play slower tempos. The trio was great and tight. Pat gave James and Joe lots of solos and praise. Only problem is now I want to hear them live again. I may have to catch them in Toronto if there is a gig there in 2022.
Oct 07 2021
at 2:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Just got home from the Albuquerque concert at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. I think I bought the last ticket. The very last row. But, a great venue with perfect acoustics. The trio did not disappoint. It was memorable.
Oct 07 2021
at 12:10 AM
Bookmark and Share I always anticipate going to Pat’s shows from Day 1 when I buy my ticket(s) to show day. Almost start a countdown in my head. Best guesstimate is I have seen him fifty times. I have never been disappointed. I saw 235 bands in 2019 and Pat’s Side-Eye show was my favorite and in 2018 I saw Pat’s Quartet with Linda May Han Oh, Antonio Sanchez and Gwilym Simcock. That show was my favorite of 185 bands. Pretty sure every year since first PMG show in 1977 that Pat’s show was my favorite. Each time I probably say that that was the best show ever. Next Friday will not disappoint. I will update the next day.
facing west
Oct 04 2021
at 9:33 AM
Bookmark and Share On a deep listen to James Francies’ new record, Purest Form. Just brilliant, and almost a genre of its own. It strikes me that James Francies could open the show with his own band on this tour, and not be out place. I think Pat’s audience would completely get it, and love it. It would also showcase what James brings to Side Eye. What a discovery. Everyone who sees this tour is truly blessed. And I agree with Mark’s comments above, this is healing music. A Map of the World is a deep dive into grief and redemption. Pat’s whole catalogue has landmark ’healing’ tracks--which I think is one reason he is sometimes in the New Age Grammy category. Last Train Home. September 15th. Beyond the Missouri Sky. This is Not America. Better Days Ahead. It’s a long list. I guess my two thoughts are linked. Everyone who sees this tour is blessed, because this is healing music for people recovering from a pandemic.
Oct 01 2021
at 11:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Caught the show in San Diego last night. I found Pat’s playing to be quite adventurous for him, which is saying something - he’s clearly inspired by these two young cats, both of whom played with fearless fire. Some great reworking of classics and fantastic new tunes. I know I don’t need to tell you, but if you’re within a few hours of a show, make the trip!
Sep 29 2021
at 8:20 PM
Bookmark and Share SF Jazz Center last Saturday. Amazing does Pat and his performances keep getting better? We should have gone the following day!
Sep 26 2021
at 1:59 PM
Bookmark and Share Mark - I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I took a friend who has never seen Pat live, and only recently started listening to him (because of me) to San Francisco Jazz last night. He was blown away by this trio. My friend told me he was "mesmerized by the music" and was "transported" somewhere that he couldn’t explain. Of course, this is common for us metheniacs! This trio is awesome! I am not going to say any spoilers - but they covered a wide range of Metheny classics reworked, and amazing. Pat was very personable as well. He expressed great gratitude for being able to gig again. I am going again tonight!
Sep 11 2021
at 11:15 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m so sorry that you had to live through every parent’s worst fear. You probably saw the movie and read the novel, as well. I did all that before my child came, and the danger of such a sudden, a stray accident stayed with me every day. The emotional arc of AMOTW takes you through intense territory - the sound of that ventilator! - but it has some surprises, too. Like Pat’s hip-hop moment, written for the prison scene. The opening four songs include some of the warmest, happiest, homiest tunes I’ve ever heard. I think I hear the rare use of steelstrings for acoustic leads there. The orchestral arrangements are superb, as usual.
Jul 26 2021
at 1:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Mark .... you mentioned Map of the World, an album that escaped me until a few years ago and now I play it regularly on my kitchen radio CD player .. I’ve become very attached to it.. I have not watched the movie but plan to soon. I am so sorry about the loss of your son. The music evokes those emotions of life’ changing events. A forgotten album perhaps, but strikingly beautiful. And under rated.
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