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Jul 25 2021
at 4:41 PM
I just got my tickets for Pat’s new tour at the Paramount Theatre in Denver. I have seen Pat so many times in concert and have everything he has ever done. I live in Boulder and have seen him here in the Boulder Theatre a number of times over the years. His music moves and transports me emotionally in amazing, inspiring and profoundly somber ways; I guess what you could call sacred places for a lack of better words. My favorite two CDs are Beyond the Missouri Sky and The Map of the World. I have given both CDs to people over time and have always received great accolades from them. But, the Map of the World cd has the capacity to bring great solace to myself in the early death of my beautiful 20 year-old son in 2017 and several others I have know with these kind of life changing tragedies. Excited to see you Pat and these great new young musicians at the Paramount Theatre!!! I hope you know your music addresses and heals the soul.
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Sep 11 2021
at 11:15 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m so sorry that you had to live through every parent’s worst fear. You probably saw the movie and read the novel, as well. I did all that before my child came, and the danger of such a sudden, a stray accident stayed with me every day. The emotional arc of AMOTW takes you through intense territory - the sound of that ventilator! - but it has some surprises, too. Like Pat’s hip-hop moment, written for the prison scene. The opening four songs include some of the warmest, happiest, homiest tunes I’ve ever heard. I think I hear the rare use of steelstrings for acoustic leads there. The orchestral arrangements are superb, as usual.
Jul 26 2021
at 1:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Mark .... you mentioned Map of the World, an album that escaped me until a few years ago and now I play it regularly on my kitchen radio CD player .. I’ve become very attached to it.. I have not watched the movie but plan to soon. I am so sorry about the loss of your son. The music evokes those emotions of life’ changing events. A forgotten album perhaps, but strikingly beautiful. And under rated.
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