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SUBJECT: Beginning of the comedy movie "Extract" 2009 Back to Subjects
Jul 29 2021
at 6:27 PM
I just watched the 2009 comedy movie "Extract with Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis and I laughed through the whole opening scene; So, what kind of music does your dad play? Um... I guess it’s kind of jazz-ish, maybe? This is an excellent jazz guitar. Pat Metheny plays one of these. - Probably the best one. - Yeah. Is your dad into Metheny at all? Oh, I’m sorry. I actually have no idea who that is. Pat Metheny is probably the best fusion player of our times. He’s like the Jake E. Lee of fusion guitar players. - Yeah, are you into fusion? - Yeah. I don’t really know what that is, either.
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Sep 11 2021
at 11:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Jake is a metal guitarist for Ozzy Osborne. I ha d to look it up.
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