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Aug 10 2021
at 4:33 PM
From the new Side Eye recording is available on Spotify as "It Starts When We Disappear".
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facing west
Sep 23 2021
at 4:16 PM
Bookmark and Share This tune knocks me out. So much to love--like the way the Orchestrion is seamlessly incorporated as a ’voice.’ I’m surprised more people in the world aren’t taking note of the Orchestrion. I mean. It’s astounding, really. Pat’s solo at 7:45 is a thing of beauty--and the wave of appreciation from the audience. Still can’t believe this is live. Metheny & Rodby as a production team are untouchable. Turn it up!
Sep 11 2021
at 5:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Finally an ensemble that can easily compare with the exalted PMG! Francies is a worthy successor to the late great Lyle and marcus gilmore o think is the best drummer pats worked with since paul wertico- propulsive without being obnoxious. I understand pat wants to work with many different musicians but cant you please hang with these guys for a bit? Cant wait to see them when they come my way!
Aug 13 2021
at 4:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Hearing this chart I need to see Side Eye live,,, somewhere in Europe in 2020......what a sound for 3 and a bit of the ol’ Orchestrion....I am stoked....
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