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Aug 27 2021
at 10:16 AM
Lyle’s final album/song "Eberhard" is available to stream today. Amazing work!!!!!! Attended a panel discussion/first listen last night on Zoom. It was so great to not only hear the song, but also to hear thoughts on the music and on Lyle from Steve Rodby, Aubrey Johnson (Lyle’s niece and singer on the album), and so many others involved with the project. Quite the swan song for one of the greatest musicians. RIP Lyle.
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Nov 05 2021
at 11:54 PM
Bookmark and Share I can listen to this all day, but especially to 6:22 (waa’ok!). Is that a Hammond? Lyle sure did save the best for last.
Oct 14 2021
at 11:59 AM
Bookmark and Share This is so very beautiful - and saddening at the same, if one realizes this is Lyle’s very last composition and recording. Truly a very gifted musician at his prime. Too young, much too young….
facing west
Oct 13 2021
at 5:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Stunned by this magnificent piece of music. The writing, playing, production--staggering. The vocals are sublime. Everyone shines--and collectively they illuminate the essence of Lyle Mays’ genius. Grateful this music exists.
Sep 05 2021
at 12:45 PM
Bookmark and Share Can someone tell me how to view the Livestream with commentary? I don’t do Facebook or any of the anti-social networks.
Sep 04 2021
at 7:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Been a week plus since the livestream debut of Lyle’s last gift to music lovers, Eberhard. I’ve listened to it every day since & most times hit Replay a couple times. too. It only gets better with familiarity. During the livestream, one esteemed guest said Mays, "designed everything he did"; and described how Eberhard no different - an idea "seen"; planned, & then constructed. Eberhard is all that. But not just an attractive floorplan; an intricate blueprint with details elaborate as a king’s castle yet without an iota of excess flourish, or over extravagance. Eberhard is a cathedral of sound. Eberhard is a gift to music from a true architect at, and of, music; Lyle wrote his own eulogy using sheet music & built (composed) a work of audio art that will - in my opinion - gain standing among the classic jazz recordings of all time.
Aug 31 2021
at 11:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I just got done listening to Eberhard, what a fitting final recording from a true genius musician. Beautiful playing by all and an incredible composition as always from Lyle. Best way I can describe it as a musical Bouillabaisse with part Lyle, Eberhard Weber, PMG and classic ECM. After listening to Eberhard I played Pat’s Hommage A Eberhard Weber. Two masterpieces honoring another master musician. I can’t imagine what Lyle and Lyle and Pat would have created had he not left us way too soon.
Aug 30 2021
at 2:53 PM
Bookmark and Share on lyle’s website, under the section called ’words’, there’s a ton of accolades/tributes/stories from folks like chick and nando lauria and frisell and marc johnson and lyle hisself - it’s great stuff!
Aug 30 2021
at 2:37 PM
Bookmark and Share After several listenings on Spotify, I can`t wait to get my hands on the pre ordered vinyl. So much going on during the 13 minutes, with great musicianship, hints of the melodic PMG, and Eberhard of course :) Lyle shines on this one
Aug 29 2021
at 8:10 PM
Bookmark and Share On Friday I got an email saying that my Eberhard CD is on the way. I will have to locate the interviews mentioned here.
Aug 28 2021
at 5:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi all, having listen to "Eberhard" and don’t seem to be stopping listening to it anywhere soon i can just say that i deeply love everything about it. Thank you so much dear Lyle Mays for this beauty. Forever in our hearts.
Aug 28 2021
at 2:07 AM
Bookmark and Share A privilege to listen that livestream and agreed, as beautiful the piece was, listening to those who collaborated in its making speak about it & Lyle was ... heavy. I almost felt as I was interloping at a family gathering such was the intimacy & sincerity about. It was quite obviously how much effect Lyle Mays had on his family, friends, & fellow musicians - and us, his "extended family" and I use the term both honestly & appreciatively.
Aug 27 2021
at 12:11 PM
Bookmark and Share I listened to it last night right after it was released on Tidal. Beautiful, immersive piece! There’s so much going on. My very subjective first impressions were, I definitely heard the musical dedication to Eberhard but also hugely felt Lyle’s presence in his piano playing and compositional style. Purely impressionistic-ally I felt some of The Way Up, Solo, Fluid Rustle and much more. Aubrey Johnson’s lovely voice reminded me a bit of Norma Winstone...her voice, I gotta say, she’s really something! This is going to be a great record to listen to many times.
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