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Sep 07 2021
at 9:53 PM
I just received my October issue of Downbeat and saw Pat and Side-Eye on the cover. Nice long cover story on Pat and the band. I just read a little but it does indicate a double meaning to the name of the trio. Check it out at your local newsstand or order a copy from Downbeat. Great photo of the trio.
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Sep 23 2021
at 8:27 AM
Bookmark and Share If you haven’t read this article, it’s a great way to appreciate the new record.
Sep 14 2021
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry I forgot the first drummer for Side-Eye was Eric Harland. Pat has had five versions of the trio. I am familiar with all of the drummers and only Joe Dyson hasn’t signed one of my three drumheads.
Sep 12 2021
at 10:32 AM
Bookmark and Share I finished reading the article in Downbeat. Pat said this is the fourth version of Side-Eye with James Francies the constant. The drummers were Anwar Marshall, Nate Smith, Marcus Gilmore and now Joe Dyson, all offered something special. He likes Joe Dyson because of his New Orleans style of drumming. Pat is already planning his next record, a studio Side-Eye project. Very good article worth checking out.
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