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SUBJECT: Pat vs. the Dalai Lama Back to Subjects
Sep 25 2021
at 8:16 AM
Pat was surprised. I am not.
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Oct 05 2021
at 9:00 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat Zen is the best Zen!
Oct 03 2021
at 11:39 AM
Bookmark and Share I watched part of the video last night. Pat’s speech is viewable below the video link at this website. The rest of video is Pat answering questions from the two moderators and from the convention attendees. It starts with one of the moderators telling a story about talking to Pat in the bathroom at a club in Boston. Pat just laughs and smiles. I guess he was speechless.
Oct 02 2021
at 10:37 PM
Bookmark and Share One of these days I will finally watch Pat’s speech in San Diego Neuroscience Convention in entirety. It’s available in the News link at this website, Pat’s Keynote Speech At The Society for Neuroscience Convention. The total video is one hour and forty minutes long. I watched part of it and two people interview him after the speech.
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