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SUBJECT: Pat’s Band Leadership Philosophy Back to Subjects
Sep 30 2021
at 10:41 AM
Excerpted from recent interview. See link to full article below quotes. "Metheny laughed when asked if he gives his bandmates carte blanche to interpret his music. “‘Carte blanche’ is not a term that gets thrown around too often! I’m from the ‘benevolent dictator school’ of band leaders,” he said. “There’s lots of discussion about what each song needs: ‘This song needs this; that song wants that.’ It’s not me saying this; it’s based on my friendship with each piece of music and my knowing what it likes. With anyone I hire, the goal is to get to the point where all that has been discussed and digested. And, then, you be you.”
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facing west
Oct 01 2021
at 8:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey, Roxanne. Thanks for posting this interview. The quote you highlighted gets to something I’ve been wondering: How does Pat communicate his insanely high standards to other band members without turning them off. And without crushing the sense of freedom that is necessary for any creative enterprise. Interesting insight. If there is something we mortals might take away, maybe it’s that we should always try to make it about what the project wants, and make sure ego doesn’t get in the way. It’s amazing to me that PM is one of the most accomplished people I can think of, but also someone with a genuine sense of humility.
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